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Give2Asia’s DisasterLink Network Expands to 15 New Locations, Extending Support to 51 Partners

In a significant milestone for disaster response and recovery efforts across Asia, Give2Asia is thrilled to announce the expansion of its DisasterLink Network. This expansion brings the total number of supported locations to 20 and partners to 51, strengthening our commitment to rapid, localized, effective disaster response in the region.

A Growing Network for Swift Disaster Response

The DisasterLink Network, launched in 2022, was designed to facilitate faster disaster response funding to communities in high-risk countries. Local nonprofits, with their deep understanding of local conditions and immediate access to affected areas, play a crucial role in responding to disasters during the critical first hours and days, and throughout long-term recovery efforts. By identifying and collaborating with these trusted partners in advance, Give2Asia has made it possible for donors to swiftly deploy funding to affected regions. 

The DisasterLink Network equips its member organizations with the resources and capacities necessary to deliver essential services, including: 

  • Emergency Relief and Response: Provision of medical support, psychosocial support, food relief, shelter management, and emergency food rations. 
  • Health, Water, and Sanitation: Clean water installation, health services, sanitation promotion, provision of water and sanitation kits, and the setup of sanitation systems. 
  • Livelihood Recovery: Support for alternative livelihoods and capacity building to restore or strengthen people’s livelihoods. 
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Conducting risk assessments, developing contingency plans, creating disaster risk maps, and providing capacity building for disaster preparedness within local community groups. 

Give2Asia’s commitment to supporting disaster response and preparedness in Asia has a rich history dating back to 2005, with over $78 million in grants dispersed across more than 40 disaster events. This expansion builds on the foundation laid by the NGO Disaster Preparedness Program (NGODPP), a multi-year initiative that fostered disaster-ready communities across eight countries. 

Meet the Expanded Network

The DisasterLink Network has now grown to encompass 20 locations, with a total of 51 partner organizations. The 15 new locations and network members are:





China—Hong Kong SAR 







South Korea 

Sri Lanka 



These additions complement the initial five countries—Bangladesh, Japan, India, Nepal, and the Philippinesmaking the network more robust in addressing the diverse range of disasters and emergencies that can strike Asia.  

Get Involved

When disaster strikes, the DisasterLink Network ensures that donors can confidently support affected communities, and member organizations can rapidly deploy essential resources. Give2Asia remains dedicated to strengthening communities and enhancing disaster resilience throughout Asia. With this expanded DisasterLink Network, we are better equipped than ever to respond swiftly and effectively when disaster strikes. 

To learn more about our network members, visit the DisasterLink Network page. Funders who wish to discuss a grant can speak with their Give2Asia Philanthropy Advisor or contact our international giving team. 

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