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A Civil Society where people enjoy the quality of life, have equal rights, and are able to determine their own future, and development is sustainable.


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Our Mission

Build the potential of poor communities and disadvantaged by analyzing the essence of the problem and determining for creating cooperation in development work.

The Need

Raks Thai faces various community demands and concerns, not just from locals but also from migrants. Therefore, we prioritize addressing women's economic empowerment, environmental and climate change issues, emergency response, and health concerns.

The Solution

Raks Thai runs programs in five areas to support vulnerable communities: women’s economic empowerment, environment and climate change, children and youth, emergency response, Migrants, and public health. The aim is to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence through its programs.

Our Impact

The main objective is to support and empower vulnerable individuals in Thailand through humanitarian responses. Raks Thai take pride in their ability to engage employees at all levels, implement strategies to meet future goals, and develop workplace programs for our partners and communities.

Raks Thai Foundation (Raks Thai) was established on August 15, 1997, succeeding CARE International (Thailand) and later becoming a member of CARE International in January 2003. Since its inception, Raks Thai has been involved in community-based development across five program areas: Environment, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Health, Children and Youth, and Emergency Preparedness.  

Having an impressive record in managing natural resources and climate change projects, Raks Thai possesses substantial expertise in the intersection of migration, community development, and climate change adaptation. They have actively engaged in international science-practice initiatives such as “Where the Rain Falls,” “TransRe,” and “AGRUMIG.” Through their Environment program, Raks Thai emphasizes community-based adaptation (CBA), aiding communities in comprehending climate change impacts and crafting sustainable strategies for a resilient future. 

Raks Thai operates at both the local and regional levels, specifically in various provinces across Thailand: Chiangmai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Payao in the North; Ubonratchathani, Udonthani in Northeastern Thailand; Nakonsrithamarat, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwas in the South; and Ayutthaya, Samut Sakorn in Central Thailand. 

With experience in livelihood recovery, including alternative livelihood support and capacity building to restore/strengthen people’s means of living, Raks Thai, with its five dedicated staff members, will be well-equipped to respond to disaster events in Thailand. 

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Issue AreaCivil Society

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