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Yayasan Habitat Kemanusiaan Indonesia


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Build homes

Yayasan Habitat Kemanusiaan Indonesia is part of Habitat for Humanity International, a non-profit organization that aims to help build or repair homes to become decent, simple, and affordable housing for low income families.

On August 5, a magnitude 7 earthquake struck Lombok, killing 515 people and severely damaging 85,000 homes. Thousands of families have been rendered homeless and many are displaced and staying in poor quality emergency shelters. Key water and sanitation infrastructures, including water distribution networks, have been destroyed and pose a serious public health hazard. In less than two months – September 28, 2018, the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia was hit by a powerful 7.5 earthquake, triggering 2-meter tsunami waves followed by aftershocks.

More than 1900 perished from the deadly earthquake and waves that destroyed 65,000 homes leaving thousands displaced. Search and rescue workers and response teams continue to work round the clock to reach hard-hit communities in Palu, Dongala, Pariti Mougong, Sigi and nearby areas.
Habitat Indonesia has a three-phase plan to support thousands of families in their transition from relief to recovery and reconstruction, which could take three years or more. Habitat for Humanity is also looking into reconstruction of houses, water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and other community assets. Help raise $200,000 for this long-term plan — any amount will go a long way in supporting the earthquake survivors.

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