Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam (IDEP Foundation)

Media and practical programs that educate and empower resiliency for local communities


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

The program has four areas and makes up what they call the “Cycle of Resilience”. The work covers Sustainable Development, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response, and Community Recovery.

The Solution

To deliver training in local communities and schools as well as to government and non-government organizations. The training is more than just conveying information. IDEP and their partners work directly with communities to maintain ongoing disaster management and sustainable development projects.

Our Impact

For more than two decades IDEP has been delivering practical programs and public education activities to communities in need all over Indonesia.

IDEP Foundation Current Programs:

  1. Vaccination and Trace Program: IDEP is part of a consortium with Save the Children Indonesia running the VACCINE and TRACE program, which aims to vaccinate vulnerable communities in three districts in Bali and provide COVID-19 Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE). The program is funded by AIHSP and involves collaboration with local stakeholders and partnerships with CSOs, CBOs, and DPOs.
  2. G2A-Supported RCCE Program: IDEP is supported by G2A in implementing the RCCE program to raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention and mitigation among communities in Bali through local theater performances rich in culture. The program involves youth as Agents of Change to support behavior change in the community regarding vaccinations and other COVID-19-related issues.
  3. Emergency Response Program: In response to the earthquake that struck Cianjur at the end of last year, IDEP collaborated with local partners to provide emergency rations and household cleaning kits to 212 families. Medical services were also provided to 1,294 people, while mental health support was given to 1,099 individuals through capacity building, psychoeducation, and individual counseling. IDEP also supported 20 emergency shelters and built one unit Warehouse Satellite Post Emergency Response Cianjur, as well as four public kitchens in support of the community in the camp areas. IDEP plans to begin a long-term recovery program to support those affected by the earthquake.
  4. Conservation Program: IDEP has been implementing a conservation program in the buffer zones of the West Bali National Park since 2015, with a focus on climate mitigation, community awareness, forest protection, renewable energy, and food security. To date, IDEP has planted 3,176 trees across 392.4 hectares with various functions such as environmental carrying capacity, conservation, and socio-economic functions. The program involves local government representatives, schools, youth, communities, and indigenous religious communities to increase a sense of ownership and ensure supervision of the nurseries of endemic trees and planted trees. IDEP will also provide training on forest mapping to assist the Department Forestry in monitoring the forest. The program also involves the activation and coordination of the DESTANA group, Forest Farmers, and Forest Management Unit to conduct comprehensive monitoring activities for the trees.
  5. Consultancy Projects: IDEP is planning to conduct a permaculture consultancy project related to fly control in Bobocabin, Kintamani. In addition, IDEP is currently assessing consultancy projects related to disaster management.

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Issue AreaDisaster

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