A promise of hope that makes children's dreams come true.

LocationSouth Korea

Issue AreaSocial Services

Tax benefit eligibilityUS

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Our Mission

Thepromise is a Non-Governmental Organization that helps provide better opportunities in domestic and underdeveloped countries. They advocate equal opportunities with no prejudice against varying religions, ethnicities, cultures, and political views.

The Need

As support was concentrated on COVID-19, interest and support for sponsoring heating fuels (briquettes, firewood) decreased. As a result, the number of energy poor whose safety is threatened by the cold wave has increased. Heating fuel support is needed to help the energy poor spend a safer winter.

The Solution

Thepromise provides heating fuel to 48 low-income families living in local villages. Investigate the fuel needed for each household and provide briquettes and firewood. It provides heating fuel to spend three months of winter so that adults with body and mind pain or older can have a safe winter.

Our Impact

Thepromise aims to lower their economic burden by providing heating fuel (briquettes, firewood, etc.) to the energy poor and vulnerable in winter. In addition, we would like to promote emotional stability and help you have a safe winter through heating fuel support.

Thepromise Fundamental Rule

  • Seeking a variety of approaching ways ‘to build a village where children are happy’.
  • Promote actual effect of our business through ‘associativity’ and ‘collaboration’.
  • Take the initiative in strengthening the local ability for residents to lead changes in the village.
  • Aim at supporters’ active participation in our business.
  • Pursue shared growth with domestic and overseas partners.

Thepromise with ECOSOC

Thepromise is doing activities based on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and obtained the special consultative status for NGOs from UN Economic and Social Council in 2020

About this Organization

LocationSouth Korea
Issue AreaSocial Services

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Tax Benefit Eligibility

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