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Stiching Medical Action Myanmar (MAM)


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Quality Health Care

Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) provides free health care to the most vulnerable communities in Myanmar with a mission to improve access to health care and reduce suffering.

MAM has built 11 clinics in urban slums and rural towns, and has established a network of over 1,700 Community Health Workers to support extremely remote villages across Myanmar. Their services include  HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, family planning, basic health care, as well as conducting research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In recent years, they have eradicated malaria in over 150 villages in southern Myanmar and have achieved a 100% success rate preventing HIV transmission to babies from HIV+ mothers.

26% of Myanmar’s population lives in poverty and health care can be prohibitively expensive causing many people to never receive treatment and suffer unnecessarily. Since 2009 MAM has dedicated itself to serving the impoverished and vulnerable and now conduct over 1,000,000 consultations a year.

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