Yayasan Project HOPE (YPH)

Providing medical care and humanitarian aid to Central Papuans suffering famine and drought


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

In Central Papua, six people—including a baby—have died from famine and drought, and 8,000 more are at risk. Medicine is also lacking. Alarmingly, the issue is spreading to nearby districts, hurting the food supply and raising the possibility of hunger and malnutrition. Help is needed immediately.

The Need

(1) Medical aid to address health issues caused by famine and dehydration. (2) Clean water provision to avoid dehydration and waterborne diseases. (3) Food supplies to combat severe shortages and prevent starvation. (4) Hygiene and sanitation kits.

The Solution

Yayasan Project HOPE (YPH) is responding to this crisis with medical assistance, food distribution, clean water access, disaster risk assessments, and engagement with local partners to uplift communities during times of crisis and provide innovative, lifesaving solutions.

Our Impact

YPH has successfully provided support during various disasters in Indonesia, such as volcano eruptions and earthquakes. YPH is now providing food and medical aid as well as catastrophe risk assessments to Central Papua in an effort to save and improve lives during the drought and hunger crises.

Yayasan Project HOPE (YPH), a non-profit organization based in Indonesia, began its nonprofit operation in Indonesia’s public health programming and humanitarian assistance in Southeast Asia in 2018. YPH is adapting to that new way of thinking by developing programs such as the Emergency Response Team Roster and Health Sector Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity Building in Indonesia. They aim to strengthen the capacity of healthcare workers for improved access to quality health services for Indonesians and to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster victims in the Southeast Asia region. These programs will better enable them to provide assistance when needed.

About this Organization

Issue AreaDisaster

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