Hashoo Trust

Hashoo Trust is the institutionalization of the Humanitarian program of Hashoo Foundation.


Issue AreaLivelihood

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Our Mission

To enable and empower underprivileged communities to be independent by facilitating equitable access to opportunities.

The Need

Pakistan is a country ravaged by Natural Disasters & high Vulnerability to Socio-Economic Stress. This puts a vast majority of population in need of emergency aid as well as a coordinated effort to help improve standards of Education, Health & Nutrition brought by low levels of Human Development.

The Solution

Hashoo Trust provides creative solutions to improve major development indicators through provision of Education, Health and Nutrition facilities, helping build resilient communities through DRR also alleviating Disaster Risk through financing and community-based solutions.

Our Impact

Hashoo Trust (HT) has made a demonstrable impact towards alleviating the suffering of millions of families across Pakistan. HT has worked to improve incomes of vulnerable communities, facilitated in rebuilding livelihood opportunities & helped decrease vulnerabilities.

Health Support for Bomb Blast Victims: Story of Khushi Masih

Mr. Maseeh was working at the Balochistan House, Pakistan, as a sweeper and was on duty during the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bomb blast of 2008. This bomb blast shattered him; not only did he lose all his life savings and belongings but also lost all hope for a good future. Mr. Maseeh’s left leg was surgically removed and he was not able to walk. Being the sole bread earner of the family, it became difficult for his family to survive. Under the Hashoo Health Program, Hashoo Trust (HT) provided him with a monthly stipend and continues to do so. Hashoo Trust also referred him to a renowned orthopedic center in the city, where he was treated to get artificial limbs.

Today, Khushi Maseeh can walk on his own feet and works full time at the Marriott hotel.

Donate to Hashoo Trust

Through the various programmes, HT provides Emergency Relief and Welfare interventions in the form of financial, medical and educational assistance to a variety of disenfranchised individuals like Khushi Masih, in the remote and rural areas of Pakistan.

Your support can help multiply the efforts and reach out to many more deserving people across the country.

About this Organization

Issue AreaLivelihood

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