Hashoo Trust

Hashoo Trust is the institutionalization of the Humanitarian program of Hashoo Foundation.


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

To provide inclusive and high-quality humanitarian services, helping to save lives and enabling them to become self-reliant, so that they can lead secure and dignified lives.

The Need

Pakistan is a country ravaged by natural disasters and is highly vulnerable to socioeconomic stress. It pushes a vast majority of the population far below the poverty line requiring emergency aid and a coordinated effort to help improve their long-term well-being and quality of life.

The Solution

Hashoo Trust addresses the beneficiaries’ current needs through its service delivery strategies and prepares for future contingencies through its wide range of capacity-building approaches. The hallmark approach (such as in SMaRT Village) focuses on building resilient communities.

Our Impact

HT is making emergency responses to multiple humanitarian crises caused by earthquakes, Climate-Induced disasters such and Floods, the COVID pandemic, and other epidemics. They alleviate the suffering of millions of families across the country, reducing their vulnerability and improving well-being.

Hashoo Trust (HT) supports communities devastated by floods and other natural disasters across the country. They provide Emergency Response, Relief, Recovery, and Rehabilitation services as well as DRR and Resilience training pre and post disasters. In addition to this support HT provide much needed psychosocial services and cater to the gender differentiated requirements of the IDPs or temporary displaced persons.

Pakistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis caused by weeks of catastrophic flash floods due to global warming, torrential rains and Glacial Lakes Outburst Flow (GLOF) process. With thousands of lives lost, many more severely injured  and rendered incapable of earning their traditional form of livelihoods;  hundreds of thousands shelterless and at risk of disease, food insecurity and one-third of the country still underwater, the scale of Pakistan’s  humanitarian emergency and its far reaching and socio-economic threat is unparalleled in its history.

Half a million people are living in relief camps and many more stranded in water. These poor souls  face a high risk of health hazards such as jaundice, typhoid, diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. The poor sanitation, hygiene conditions exacerbate women and children’s health issues. The stagnating flood water, coupled with inadequate nutrition, and lack of medical assistance mean many more deaths and loss of precious lives.

Hashoo Trust, with its 35 years of humanitarian services, nationwide outreach, regional offices, and networks and strong volunteer base across Pakistan, is actively assisting the flood affectees and working in partnerships with both government and NGOs. Known for our decades of dedicated service with your support we remain the most effective platform of service. Thank you in advance for your contributions and charitable support to the vulnerable families. Please do let us know about the type and frequency of any special reporting you would like.

Support your preferred Emergency Response causes.  Your donations ensure that the vulnerable people do not continue to suffer the terrifying impact of floods and other disasters.

Donate Now

Please indicate which Emergency Relief item you wish to provide:

  1. Emergency food supplies
  2. Clean drinking water
  3. Basic Medicines and mosquito nets
  4. Funds for Medical Camps
  5. Hygiene and sanitation items (for women and girls)
  6. Clothes and shoes (for children especially)
  7. Bedding and Blankets
  8. Tents and other Rehab or Shelter related items
  9. Funds for early Recovery/Livelihoods

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Issue AreaDisaster

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