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Start a Fundraiser: A new fundraising tool for our nonprofit partners

Empower your top supporters to raise donations for your organization

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A new scholarship program to empower young women in rural China

Give2Asia is proud to work with the PepsiCo Foundation to honor the memory of Jeffrey Wang, the company’s former General Counsel for Greater China.

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The Myriad Alliance: what does it mean for Give2Asia’s donors and nonprofits?

Learn how donors and charity partners can take advantage of Myriad, our new alliance for borderless giving.

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Food Security Grantmaking: Three Lessons from the Pandemic

The unprecedented level of food security funding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic reveals new insights and strategies for funders.

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Due diligence for international giving: How it works, why it matters [Updated]

Due diligence increases the likelihood that a philanthropic grant will achieve its objectives. It also mitigates the potential risks of international grantmaking.

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Important and underfunded: Help Asia’s nonprofits survive the COVID crisis

Charities doing important work in Asia are struggling to survive during the pandemic.

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