China Representative Office

In 2021, Give2Asia’s China Representative Office (CRO) facilitated US$27 million in grants to trusted charities.

Highly trusted, experienced international giving in China

The world's leading corporations and philanthropists trust Give2Asia for their China-based giving. (Give2Asia has never accepted funding from any government for any activity.)

Strong relationships

We are in daily communication with government regulators and grantees.

Experienced team

Our staff brings decades of program management, compliance, and reporting expertise.

Successful track record

Since 2017, Give2Asia has delivered over US$63 million in grants to trusted charities in China.

Programs in China

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Meet the Team

Based in Beijing, the China Representative Office manages all aspects of Give2Asia’s China grantmaking, from partner identification and scoping to grant monitoring and reporting.

Carol Yang (Xiao Qing)

Vice President & China Chief Representative 副总裁 中国首席代表

Li Xing 黎兴

Managing Director, China 首席执行官

Tan Jun 谭军

Chief Operating Officer, China 中国事务首席运营官

Tang Luna 唐璐娜

Senior Program Manager 高级项目经理

Xia Tian 夏天

Program Manager & Communication Manager 项目经理 传播经理

Kou Rong Huan (Coco) 寇荣环

Operations Manager & Business Development Manager 运营经理 战略发展经理

Mi Nan 糜楠

Senior Finance Manager & Risk Control Manager 高级财务经理 风控经理

Meiling Nan 南美玲

Associate Program Manager 助理项目经理

Cao Muhan 曹牧涵

Program Manager Assistant 项目经理助理

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