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Mental Health Association in Taiwan

An organization promoting mental health awareness in Taiwan.

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Our Mission

The Mental Health Association in Taiwan is dedicated to fostering collaboration between civil society and professionals to advance mental health promotion and prevent mental illness. MHAT actively collaborates with the government to enhance mental health services for diverse target populations.

The Need

Taiwan confronts multifaceted challenges, including declining fertility rates, an aging population, and a myriad of social and economic issues. Additionally, there is a rising trend in self-inflicted injury and suicide cases. The significance of mental health has become more important than ever.

The Solution

The Mental Health Literacy (MHliteraCy) Program focuses on improving mental health for parents, children, and educators. Additionally, MHAT also runs mental health social media outlets, popular education courses, the “Flourish Taiwan” initiative, and so on.

Our Impact

The MHliteraCy Program has been recognized through seminars and workshops. The Taiwan Federation for Mental Health, with 68 participants, actively promotes national mental health. The Flourish Taiwan initiative, supports those who recovered from mental health challenges, has entered its fifth year.

In recent decades, reflecting on the spiral advancement of mental health policy in Taiwan, a mental health network was established in 1985, marking the “Mental Health 1.0” stage. This phase enabled early detection and treatment for individuals with mental disabilities. In response to the World Health Organization’s proposal to destigmatize mental illness, The revised Mental Health Law in 2007 ushered in “Mental Health 2.0,” which emphasized the importance of community rehabilitation for people with mental disabilities. Since 2015, we have advocated for “Mental Health 3.0”, shifting from solely treating minority groups to promoting the mental health of the entire population, developing community resilience, and emphasizing the impact of social environments.

MHAT has been advocating the practice of “Mental Health 3.0” in recent years by organizing regional forums, courses, local visits, consensus meetings, international seminars, and invitations to relevant experts to communicate and learn with frontline personnel. The consensus shall reference future policies or service models for the authorities, communities, schools, and professional collaborations.


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Issue AreaHealth

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