Responsible for overall management in the implementation of activities of all components in the organization and strengthening networking with government, donor, and other partner development for the sustainability


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

PROSPEK partners with government, donors, and International and National NGOs to reduce the poorest through the approach to improve human resources to utilize quality and sustainable natural resources.

The Need

To improve the capacity of the Village Disaster Management Committee structure and assist with Housing and Livelihood in communities that might be affected by disasters.

The Solution

To develop the Village Disaster Management Committee existing in target communities and support the implementation of activities during a disaster.

Additional information

The current project of PROSPEK will help collaborate and coordinate with local government through the District Disaster Management Committee and Civil Protection Authority to support the emergency response that impacts Disasters every year.

Organization accomplishment 

  • Every year, PROSPEK gets different donors to support their program to continue creating good conditions for leadership management, administration, finance, and program implementation in the field. It shows good performance while collaborating with these donors and other development agencies.
  • Currently, PROSPEK has a strong network of donors and other development agencies (USAID, Counterpart International. UNDP, Letter Day Saint Charities (LDSC), and Australia Volunteer International(AVI)) supporting sustainability and continuing the implementation of the program. A total of $ 291.700 funding was used to implement the following schedule: Advocacy, Turtle conservation, Climate action, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Safeguarding Rural Communities and Their Physical Assets from Climate-Induced Disaster in Timor-Leste Project and community economy development.
  • PROSPEK has facilities such as a new Office, transportation, and other equipment that support staff in implementing the program and administration.
  • The implementation activity of the project in the field shows the excellent result that donors, Government, and other development partners always appreciate, and thanks to PROSPEK, NGOs and donors have committed to continue funding the organization.
  • In 2018 – 2021, PROSPEK was funded by Give2Asia and other international agencies, such as Plan International Timor Leste, in implementing the relevant program for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change program and Coronavirus prevention in Timor Leste (Lautem, Baucau, Viqueque and Aileu Municipality). With these programs, PROSPEK facilitated the community to establish and improve the capacity of the Village Disaster Management Committee in 10 target villages in Timor Leste and set a Community Disaster Risk Management plan. The current government and development agencies continue collaborating with the Village Disaster Management Committee to allocate and implement programs based on the planning the Village Disaster Management Committee prepared.
  • From 2010 up to date PROSPEK`s program have covered 4 Municipalities (Lautem, Baucau, Viqueqe, and Aileu) and at least 2,496 households that be direct beneficiary of the project that implemented such as Natural Resource Management and Food security. DRR, Climate change adaptation, Watershed management, Livelihood, Income generating, Health and Nutrition, Advocacy, Conservation program. It is combating malnutrition through aquaculture and agriculture projects.

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Issue AreaDisaster

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