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Trusted, tax-deductible giving for your international donors

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You are working to solve critical issues facing your community. We believe in your ability to address those needs. Partner with us to offer a trusted giving platform to your US-based donors—and tap into our capacity-building resources. 



An American Friends Fund provides nonprofits with a cost-effective solution to receive tax-deductible gifts from supporters in the United States. Avoid the trouble and expense of setting up your own U.S.-based charity. Give2Asia handles donor support and back-office administration, including tax receipts.


  • Name your fund as you wish, then promote it among your networks of international donors 
  • Solicit tax-deductible donations of any amount, via credit card, check, or wire transfer 
  • Receive gifts of securities and cryptocurrency, as well as charitable bequests and other planned gifts 
  • Accept gifts from individuals, donor-advised funds, foundations, and corporations 
  • Customize your dedicated overseas giving webpage and link it from your site and on social media 
  • View donations and donor information on our web portal, and request online a distribution from your fund


  • No need to establish a public charity in the United States 
  • No need for annual audits, and no need to file annual overseas tax returns 
  • No need to demonstrate substantial support from the general public 
  • No need for an overseas board of directors (although you can organize local advisory boards)


  • Enjoy a dedicated fund manager for any questions you or your donors may have 
  • Plan your meetings or events at our New York City convening space at no charge 
  • Expand your base of support by opening additional Friends Funds in other geographies through our partners. 


Give2Asia’s DisasterLink Network enables experienced nonprofit partners in high-risk locations to rapidly receive and deploy international donations when disasters strike. We also facilitate a wider Community of Practice, where disaster experts around the world can find peer organizations, strengthen their expertise, and share best practices. If your organization runs community-based programs for disaster risk reduction and preparedness, we encourage you to connect with us.

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