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Plastic Oceans Limited

Dedicated to stopping plastic pollution through science, education, and policy advocacy.

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaEnvironment

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Our Mission

Turning the tide on plastic pollution has always been A Plastic Ocean Foundation’s goal. They prioritize retrieving a healthy ocean, as well as mitigating climate change by raising ocean consciousness in people’s daily lives by working with diverse corporations, schools, and NGOs.

The Need

The Earth's oceans absorb 25% of all CO2 emissions and capture 90% of excess heat generated by these emissions. There is an urgency for the general public to understand the positive impact a healthy ocean could bring, and to consider ocean healthiness when making decisions across various areas.

The Solution

APOF provides STEM4Ocean workshops for students to encourage a sustainable lifestyle, and cleanups with a focus on cleaning ghost gear by divers, fulfilling our #onetonneless campaign. The Green Collar program supports the HK recycling industry for talented young blood to enter the industry.

Our Impact

An average of 1500 STEM workshop opportunities have been offered to the grassroot community every year since 2019. Over 5 tonnes of ghost gears and ocean debris have been collected since 2019. The Green Collar program trains up to 100 operators for the recycling industry in Hong Kong every year.

The awareness of protecting the environment is rising around the globe. Nevertheless, programs are often seen focusing on green recovery rather than ocean (blue) recovery. Hence, Plastic Oceans explores solutions and promotes the importance of protecting the oceans, which cover about 71% of Earth’s surface. They also nurture young marine scientists and reconnect teenagers to the ocean through STEM4Ocean workshops and free-of-charge diving programs. They hold beach cleanup events frequently with the public for educational purposes. Moreover, they support the renovation and transition of the recycling industry in Hong Kong through the Green Collar Incubation Hub program for talented young blood to enter the industry by providing training and internship opportunities.

About this Organization

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR
Issue AreaEnvironment

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