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Before making a donation to Give2Asia, please review our donation terms and conditions:

I acknowledge that my contributions to Give2Asia are irrevocable and, upon acceptance, become the property of Give2Asia. I understand that Give2Asia has exclusive legal control over the assets contributed. I understand that my advice regarding Give2Asia’s use of my contribution is a non-binding recommendation and that the Give2Asia Board of Directors makes all grant decisions in its sole and independent discretion. I certify that neither I nor any other individual will receive any goods, services or other private benefit from the charitable organization. I understand that Give2Asia is unable to accept any contribution that fulfills a pre-existing, legally enforceable pledge to a recommended charity, and I certify that my donation does not fulfill a legally enforceable pledge. I have read and agree to abide by Give2Asia’s terms, policies, and procedures as described on this page.

Our relationship with you is based on trust. Give2Asia will not sell your personal information (such as email address, physical address, or phone number) under any circumstances. We will not share your personal information with other organizations except in the following limited circumstances:

  • DONATIONS TO FISCAL SPONSOR PARTNERS: When you make a donation and designate it to charity in our fiscal sponsorship program, we share your contact information with that charity for their records. You can opt out of this sharing by emailing us at within 24 hours of your donation.
  • DONATIONS TO ADVISED FUNDS: If you make a donation to another donor’s Advised Fund at Give2Asia, we share your contact information with the Advisor to the fund so that they can carry out communication to you as a supporter of their cause.
  • THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS: We used trusted service providers to help us provide or improve the services we offer you. Sometimes it is necessary for these providers to have access to donor information. In those cases, we take reasonable steps to ensure that these providers do not use or otherwise disclose any information we collect about you except for the purpose of fulfilling their service obligations to us. See our online Privacy Policy for full details.
  • LAWFUL ORDERS: Give2Asia may be required to share donor information if compelled to do so by a valid legal order in the jurisdictions where we operate.

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Give2Asia Bylaws: Article 3, Section 17. Executive Compensation Review.
The Board of Directors (or a Board Committee) shall review any compensation packages (including all benefits) of the President or the chief executive officer and the Treasurer or chief financial officer, regardless of job title, and shall approve such compensation only after determining that the compensation is just and reasonable. This review and approval shall occur when such officer is hired, when the term of employment of such officer is renewed or extended, and when the compensation of such officer is modified, unless the modification applies to substantially all of the employees of this corporation.


As an organization with a reputation built upon its strong Due Diligence and Risk Management for corporate and family philanthropy, Give2Asia is monitoring the progress of an intracompany dispute in the Philippines related to its board chairman. You can read our latest update on the matter and the steps we have taken here:

Give2Asia Statement: Dispute Involving Give2Asia Chairman (PDF)

Please contact us with any further questions.



In my work at Give2Asia, to the best of my knowledge and ability:

  1. I act with openness, honesty and integrity in fulfilling my duties and responsibilities.
  2. I comply with law and regulations
  3. I respect the country and customs of the countries I work in.
  4. I treat others with respect and dignity, consistent with policies on non-discrimination and sexual harassment.
  5. I actively promote ethical behavior in my work environment and community.
  6. I report clearly and accurately to funders and other interested persons on the activities of Give2Asia as required.
  7. I care for Give2Asia property and resources as if they were my own. I do not use Give2Asia property or resources for personal purposes or personal gain.
  8. I will refrain from decisions involving employment or any other business of the organization that may present a conflict of interest.
  9. I will report known or suspected violations of this Code to Giv2Asia’s Internal Auditor or to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.