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China Foundation for Rural Development (Disaster Program)

formerly the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA)


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Established in 1989, the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD), formerly known as the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, is a major Chinese charity focused on reducing poverty. CFRD’s core objective is to alleviate poverty while encouraging reform, community engagement, and partnerships. It operates under the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, with offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Myanmar, Nepal, and Ethiopia. CFRD alleviates poverty in China through healthcare, education, economic development, disaster response, and charity. It operates in poor countries, including Ethiopia, Colombia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Uganda. CFRD invested 200 million RMB in foreign initiatives in 2019, helping over 900 people. Education, refugee help, nutrition, women’s empowerment, vocational training, disaster relief, and advocacy are included.  

CFRD operates locally and nationally, particularly in Southwest China. They partner with Give2Asia for disaster response and recovery, receiving multiple grants, including one in August 2023. CFRD has actively responded to over five disasters, with their latest being Typhoon Dusuri in July 2023, causing heavy rainfall and flooding in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. CFRD initiated relief efforts and launched a flood relief response on July 31, raising over 146 million yuan with support from 46 Caring Enterprises, 6 platforms, 14-star artists, and 917,000 caring individuals. These efforts benefited 19 counties and districts in Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Heilongjiang, and Jilin provinces. They have established a disaster relief Management Project Department and a humanitarian relief network to respond to disasters proactively. Since 2012, CFRD has conducted 360 disaster relief operations, benefiting 31 regions across China and disaster-stricken areas in 12 countries, aiding 8.14 million people. 

CFRD excels in four areas of disaster management: They provide medical and psychological support, food aid, emergency rations, and shelter management in the event of a disaster. Health and sanitation: Through installations, kits, and emergency toilet systems, CFRD promotes clean water, health, and sanitation while also managing water resources. Livelihood Recovery:  promotes alternative livelihoods and provides capacity-building programs to help communities recover and strengthen. Disaster Risk Reduction: They undertake risk assessments, contingency planning, risk mapping, and community capacity-building, including disaster exercises. The considerable competence of CFRD ensures a quick response to disasters. 

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Issue AreaDisaster

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