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Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM)


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Innovative, responsive programmes

Since 2008, IRIM is determined to solve pressing issues by implementing training programs and providing policy information in remote areas and to promote the inclusive education of children with disabilities. Nearly 1/3 of Mongolia’s population continues to preserve a nomadic way of life that goes back millennia. In the depth of the ‘Taiga’ in Northern Mongolia, lives a community of reindeer herders – the Dukhas (Tsaatan). This community has limited access to education, health and other social services. Nomadic families are now facing the difficult choice of sending their children to the city. According to IRIM’s nationwide survey of 2015, many of the children in the community want to go to school but their educational needs have not been met; especially those of the children with disabilities. Due to a shortage of resources, the compulsory education system has weakened since the post-communist transition; and social benefits for children with disabilities have decreased dramatically. Affected groups remain largely marginalized, with few schools having the infrastructure or teaching capacity to meet the needs of affected children. Based on more than 10 years’ experience, IRIM is now scaling-up the ‘Brighter Future for Children with Special Needs’ project, to empower more vulnerable groups and children with disabilities. As part this initiative, Dukha children with functional difficulties will be assessed, and appropriate educational services will be provided to them.

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