Comprehensive, local solutions for disaster resilience and response

Natural hazards do not have to lead to disasters. Our comprehensive approach to disaster programming prioritizes risk-reduction activities to help local communities become more resilient to a changing climate.


Give2Asia has responded to over 40 disaster events since 2001 across Asia-Pacific. Our approach offers a way for donors to have greater impact by funding a multi-tiered disaster strategy that prioritizes local solutions and long-term impact through preparedness, relief, and long-term recovery. We are there before, during, and after a disaster to support communities in becoming more resilient to a changing climate.

  • Preparedness: The best way to minimize destruction following a disaster is to implement activities and systems that prepare communities to respond effectively during a disaster event. Give2Asia has been implementing the NGO Disaster Preparedness Program since 2014 to build disaster resilient communities across Asia. Visit our DisasterLink Community of Practice site to learn more.
  • Relief: When a disaster does hit, Give2Asia is on the ground gathering information and assessing needs within the first 24 hours. Our in-country field staff and vetted non-profits in every country we work provides a ready network for companies to make local impact in the immediate aftermath of a disaster
  • Long-term Recovery: It takes months, sometimes years, for communities to recover from a disaster. Long after the headlines fade, Give2Asia is there to support long-term recovery needs after relief funding dries up.

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