Australia Flood Relief (2022)

Support local flood relief efforts in Queensland and New South Wales


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SITUATION UPDATE – April 13, 2022

A severe weather system, which the Bureau of Meteorology has called a “rain bomb”, impacted South-eastern Queensland (SE Qld) and northern New South Wales (NSW) coastal areas from 23 to February 28, 2022. The situation continues to worsen by a recent flood in the 1st week of April 2022 that hit western Sydney. Floodwaters covered and continue to cover roads, homes, and businesses from Camden (Sydney south-west) to Windsor (Sydney west) to Sackville (outside Sydney to north-west). This is the second flood in a month in these areas.

In total, 83 Local Government Areas (LGAs) have been impacted by floods in Eastern Australia since late February 2022; these are 64 LGAs in NSW and the remainder in SE Qld. A rough estimate of the population affected by the floods from late February 2022 is over 10 million people – based on the population of SE Qld (3.8 million), Greater Sydney (5.32 million), and NSW state (8.2 million). The cost of the flood damage is estimated to be well over AUD 2 billion. The floods could be one of Australia’s worst natural disasters in history.

Government, civil society groups, and NGOs continue to provide aid and support to the affected communities, and the recovery and rehabilitation process will take months or years to complete. Around 3,800 houses are deemed unlivable on NSW north coast, and the affected families live in temporary accommodation, with friends, in borrowed caravans, government-supplied motorhomes, and hotels. About 3000 people are housed in hotels, although people in Byron Bay are being forced to vacate for tourist bookings at Easter. Many flood-affected residents were also affected by the 2020 bushfires.


Individual donors can donate online to Give2Asia’s flood relief fund. For large gifts (via check, bank transfer, or appreciated stock) or corporate giving opportunities, please request a consultation or email us at 


Specific needs identified by our partners include:

  • Clean drinking water and daily food support
  • Support to clean up mud, debris, destroyed buildings, infrastructure, furniture, and personal belongings
  • Support in rebuilding homes and basic infrastructures
  • Mental health and psychosocial support to the affected communities


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army 2022 Flood Appeal is aiming to raise $10 million, which will directly support the estimated 18,000 homes expected to be impacted during these unprecedented floods. They are releasing $1 million immediately from their Red Shield Appeal funds in support of communities along the east coast of Australia to:

  • Provide meals for those impacted by floods across the east coast of Australia
  • Provide emotional support to affected families, especially those displaced from their homes

St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul will provide the following support for families affected by the floods:

  • Food and clothing for families who have been forced out of their homes.
  • Bills and unexpected expenses for households recovering from the floods.
  • Helping families whose homes have been destroyed or damaged to set up again by providing furniture, bedding and appliances.

UnitingCare Community

UnitingCare Community (formerly Lifeline Community Care) Queensland is a leading provider of community services in Queensland and prides itself on its client-focused care. It is part of the UnitingCare Queensland group of community service organizations with strong values base, namely: compassion, justice, respect, working together, and leading through learning. They provide many important services to Queenslanders within key service streams such as individual and community support; children and families; older persons; disability; inclusion support; and childcare. They are one of the organizations recommended by the NSW government for mental health support. Uniting Care Community will provide vital mental health support during this crisis through call centers and on-the-ground support.

Foodbank Australia

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians. Foodbank provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisation nationwide. Funds will cover:

  • Sourcing non-perishable food staples (and when needed drinking water and other foods) from suppliers and donations
  • Transporting these products to flood affected communities
  • Distributing food through front-line charities, or where this is not possible, Foodbank staff provide boxed hampers to families.
  • Estimated Foodbank will provide some sort of food relief to 4 million flood affected people.

NSW Rural Fires Service Association

During the response and recovery phase, NSW RSFA will provide:

  • Support for community members of RFSA to help their own communities in northern and central NSW.
  • Clean t-shirts, pairs of socks, hats for volunteers
  • Wipes during the clean-up operation
  • Coffee vans at staging areas in Northern NSW
  • Emotional support for people affected by floods

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