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Progress Report: COVID-19 relief efforts from January 2020 to July 2021

Our latest progress report shares statistics and case studies on COVID-19 response efforts funded across 168 organizations and 23 countries.

by Birger Stamperdahl, President and CEO

Over the past 18 months, Give2Asia’s community of partners and donors stepped up to provide vital medical equipment, protective gear, and food assistance to communities in need. On behalf of Give2Asia’s Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your efforts during these difficult times.

While both the COVID-19 pandemic and our funding work continue in full force, Give2Asia has prepared this descriptive snapshot of the work funded to date.

We hope this report inspires further positive investment in Asia-based project to continue making a positive impact in communities from Pakistan to New Zealand. You can download the full report (PDF, 24 pages) or read the highlights below.

Give2Asia connects donors with trusted charities across the Asia-Pacific region, and we are humbled by your trust and generosity. If you have questions about any of our COVID-19 funding or wish to support upcoming activities, please don’t hesitate to request a meeting with our international giving team.

Report Highlights

Key take-aways from the report include:

• In 18 months, Give2Asia’s donors contributed US$27 million to COVID-19 relief, reaching 21 million beneficiaries.
• Medical/hospital supplies and food security were the top priorities of the in-country organizations that received funding, comprising nearly two-thirds of these grants.
• Corporate and individual donors continue to give generously, despite the long duration of the crisis.
• Donors showed significant appetite for geographic diversity. While China and India received the most grants, these two locations comprised less than half of Give2Asia’s total funding for COVID over the past 18 months.

The report includes several case studies, including projects that provided compensation for families of deceased healthcare workers in Bangladesh and localized COVID-19 training for healthcare workers in Indonesia.

Thank you again for your generous support during this challenging time.

Download the Full Report

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