NFD Centre for Environment Education Society (CEE)

Ensuring environmental education leads to action for sustainable development across India


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Our Mission

Established in 1984, CEE is a pioneering institution in the field of environmental education (EE) working with a mission to integrate education as a key driver for change in demonstrating and advancing sustainable practices in schools and other sectors to promote positive Handprint actions.

The Need

Increasing impact of human footprint on planet's resources along with climate change impacts need immediate attention. CEE has to play an important role to promote climate literacy among young people for preparing them to mitigate, live with and adapt to new sustainability challenges.

The Solution

CEE plays a critical role in shaping future citizens and help them choose sustainable lifestyles. Empower and build capacity of young minds to gain knowledge, develop skills and values to adopt climate friendly behavior, take positive Handprint actions and influence the society.

Our Impact

CEE has an active network of 0.25 million schools across India having a cadre of 0.2 million trained teachers and over 50 million young friends of environment. CEE has implemented innovative EE programmes and developed wide range of educational resources for schools in 15 Indian languages.

Environmental Education (EE) for children, both in school and out of school, has been a major thrust area of the programmes of CEE since its inception. Emphasis is placed on learning-by-doing and on development of locale-specific material on local environment and development issues and contexts. In recent years, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has become an increasingly important dimension of this effort. For the last 37 years, CEE has been engaged in developing innovative programmes and educational material and building capacity of the formal education system at various levels on EE and ESD.

In light of the pressing sustainability issues being faced by India, Centre is promoting climate change education focused initiatives in schools with the objectives to:

  • Facilitate innovative programmes in underprivileged schools to become model carbon smart campuses
  • Build capacity of teachers for introducing and sustaining EE with a focus on climate change adaptation and resilience among students
  • Nurture and empower young climate champions across country who have awareness, knowledge, commitment and potential to take positive action to meet the challenges of climate change and sustainability
  • Create climate change knowledge centres in schools to reach out to community to promote Handprint actions

By 2025, CEE aims to create replicable models of Climate Smart Campuses in over 1000 schools, build capacity of over 10000 teachers for transacting climate change education and prepare over 100000 young climate champions who take climate friendly actions and develop a set of resource materials for climate change knowledge centres in 3 languages. CEE seeks to raise funds to support 1000 underprivileged schools to become Climate Smart Schools ($ 15000 per school).

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Issue AreaEnvironment

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