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Bangladesh Flood Relief (2022)

This fund supported 2022 flood relief efforts run by trusted charities in Bangladesh.


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This campaign is now closed. Please consider donating to the DisasterLink Response Fund to support our local partners in responding to disasters immediately.

After a devastating flood in early June that affected around 4 million residents, the same area was hit again with record-breaking rainfall that began on June 15. Most of the Sylhet city has gone underwater again, with water continuing to rise, worsening the condition of those still living in temporary shelters and further exposed to extreme weather and waterborne diseases. 

The flood has affected nearly 7 million people throughout Bangladesh-worst-flood-hit areas. Most of the affected communities are already living in poor conditions.  

The Bangladesh Government continues to mobilize resources to support the affected communities, such as basic food, water purification tablets, and cash grants. However, further support from charitable organizations and development partners is still desperately needed. Due to the power outage and the shortage of safe drinking water, many city-dwellers are buying bottled water at increased prices. The need for rescue and relief intensifies as days pass in the flood-affected areas. Many parts remain unreachable due to floodwaters and the shortages of vessels. A coordinated humanitarian response will greatly complement Government’s efforts to ensure that the most vulnerable communities receive targeted humanitarian assistance. 


The most urgent needs for the affected communities are:

  • Clean drinking water;
  • Cash support to buy basic food staples and meals for children;
  • Hygiene kits: Sanitary napkins, hand soap, buckets, etc.;
  • Makeshift shelter, tarpaulins, shelter toolkits;
  • WaSH items;
  • Tube well repairing;
  • Mosquito nets;
  • Animal fodder.

Medium-term needs will include a recovery and reconstruction effort to repair the damaged infrastructure (river embankments, dykes, houses, safe drinking water sources, sanitation facilities, etc.) for restoration of livelihoods and rehabilitation of agricultural land.



AOSED is gearing up to support the most flood-affected population in selected Upazilas of Sylhet and Sunamgonj district by providing emergency food and hygiene kits (toilet and laundry soaps, sanitary napkins, oral saline, and water purifying tablets) to 1300 selected households. AOSED will also collaborate with fellow NGOs and voluntary organizations while assisting in the flood-affected areas.


BEDS (Bangladesh Environment and Development Society) is an NGO that is committed to conserving ecological balance and creating harmony between humans and nature.

BEDS aims to support at least 300 flood-affected families in Sylhet, Bangladesh, through:

  • Providing safe drinking water to the affected people
  • Help repair and reconstruct the damaged house
  • Livelihood recovery – supporting business/farming materials

Dhaka Ahsania Mission

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), which chairs the National Alliance of Humanitarian Actors, Bangladesh (NAHAB) platform, is planning to distribute cash support, hygiene items and dry foods in most affected districts.

Spreeha Bangladesh

Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation is a social enterprise based in Bangladesh that is committed to enabling individuals and communities to rise above social barriers with use of creative solutions. To support the flood-affected families, Spreeha’s activities will include:

  1. Rehabilitation and Cash Support: In partnership with fellow NGOs, cash grants and rehabilitation support will be provided to address the need for rehabilitation.
  2. Food support: families who have lost livelihood and are struggling to avail daily necessities and food will be provided with emergency food packs.
  3. Relief support: to address the scarcity of safe drinking water, acute shortage of WASH facilities, basic hygiene materials, menstrual hygiene kits, and water purification tablets will be provided.
  4. Post emergency health camp: focusing on emerging diseases after flood emergency health camp will be organized. The health camp will provide on-site screening by health workers, teleconsultation by specialist doctors, and prescription and essential medicine support. Patients will be referred to nearby healthcare centers if needed for further follow-up.
  5. Mental health: mental health support through telecommunication in the health camp will be provided to the rescuer and affected people.


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