India Flood Relief (2022)

Support local flood relief efforts run by trusted charities in India.


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This year, India was hit by excessive heat in one part of the country and extreme rainfall in another. The latter caused floods and landslides, especially in India’s northeast Assam state. Floodwaters have inundated roads, homes, and buildings in parts of the state. In May, the Brahmaputra River, one of the largest rivers in the world, burst its banks in Assam, inundating more than 1,800 villages in 26 districts. Hence, this flood also affected part of Bangladesh.

Although the current water level is receding, it has damaged public facilities, as parts of the railway network—the backbone of India’s economy—were devastated. Authorities have set up hundreds of relief camps across 20 districts.

As the Country approaches the monsoon period, heavy rainfalls will continue to cause widespread and severe flooding and landslides across north-eastern India. According to media reports in India, at least 33 people died in Bihar State due to floods, thunderstorms, and lightning, while floods and landslides in Assam State caused at least 14 fatalities and affected about 1.7 million people in 29 districts.


Current needs identified by our local nonprofit partners include:
• Ration kits for families consist of rice, dal, oil, salt, soybeans, etc.
• Clean drinking water
• Tarpaulins/emergency shelters for displaced residents
• Hygiene and sanitation kits
• Medium and longer term’s recovery work such as livelihood recovery, rehabilitation of damaged houses and public facilities, psychosocial support to floods affected communities
• Continuous disaster preparedness work




SEEDS is promptly reaching out to affected families in Assam to survive and rebuild their lives by providing food, hygiene kits, essential items, shelter, and livelihood support. Activities include:

  • Building community resilience through working with local people and providing support to flood-affected families
  • Building and restoring damaged infrastructure like PHCs, schools, and hospitals. This will help to cover the most urgent needs of the community and provide access to safer, disaster-resistant housing and essential public infrastructure.
  • Working with small businesses run by micro-entrepreneurs who suffer the most and cannot sustain their livelihood due to the losses incurred.
  • Organizing free medical health camps across Assam, which will include a thorough check-up by a doctor. Such health camps will address the immediate health care needs of the marginalized communities.
  • Capacity building in communities where the next phase of flooding will happen in the months of July to September.


Goonj will be providing dry ration, tarpaulin, ration food and utensils, hygiene and sanitation kits, and specific needs for mothers, infants, children, and vulnerable groups. Their disaster response and recovery model is:

  1. Goonj will first address the basic urgent needs of the flood-affected communities.
  2. Later in the rehabilitation process, through the initiative “Dignity for Work,” material kits will motivate and trigger local communities to restore infrastructure like roads, schools, dams, etc., and rebuild lives along the way.
  3. This way, the affected communities are not merely passive recipients but collectively work with us as equal stakeholders – whether in assessing the critical situation or in the decision-making.


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Photos courtesy of SEEDS

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