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With the grave resurgence of COVID-19 pandemic in this part of the world, the need for access to quality & affordable healthcare is now direr than ever. The worst affected are the members of the underserved communities of Bangladesh. The crisis stems from two major factors – lack of affordability and the severe lack of health consciousness. Every year, up to five million people in Bangladesh are being pushed into poverty due to excessive out-of-pocket spending on medical needs. With such rapid increase in medical costs, quality healthcare is indeed a matter of great concern. 

Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation is a social enterprise based in Bangladesh that is committed to enabling individuals and communities to rise above social barriers with use of creative solutions. We use Human Centred Design (HCD) to identify & understand human problems, create relevant solutions and deliver them in a sustainable way. We blend values of non-profit, power of digital technology & practices of commercial organisations. By 2025, we want to inspire a million lives. 

A look at our health service programs: 

Sneho Urgent Health Care:

In our quest to making health care a reality, Spreeha brings community-based healthcare program that aims to offer affordable, quality and people-centred healthcare solution for everyone. Led by an experienced team of medical professionals, we provide an array of essential healthcare services that includes easy access to physician, safe medication, diagnostic test, pathology and pharmacy services. While working on combating communicable disease, malnutrition, we offer a comprehensive set of diagnostic, consultancy and pharmacy facilities with no compromise on quality. As for the pregnant mothers and neonates, our MCH service including, ante-natal, postnatal, and neonatal care – offers medication, nutritional supplements, vaccination as well as child immunisation aiming at reducing maternal and neonatal death. In the face of emerging new health challenges, we ensure a continuum of care while catering to the medical needs of communities. 

Since 2013, Sneho Urgent Health Care, with its 2 healthcare centres at Rayerbazar and Mirpur Area, has served almost 2 lac population including 5000 women during their pregnancy period and after delivery through quality Ante Natal Care (ANC) & Post Natal Care (PNC).  

Sneho Mobile Health Service (Tele-health):

Bangladesh suffers from both a shortage and geographic misallocation of healthcare professionals with an estimated 6.33 physicians per 10,000 population. Addressing this need, Sneho Mobile Health acts as a key solution to improve access to primary healthcare particularly for underserved patients from remote areas who have no means to access specialised care. With the help of information and communication technologies (ICTs), physicians treat distant patients without having to travel physically. Led by a team of professional doctors, patients are able to access doctor consultation anytime from the comfort of their location. As a result, higher number of patients are reached with the same number of resources while improving the outcome as a whole.

Sneho Mobile Health Services started its journey by starting operation in Syamnagar sub-district of Satkhira district of Khulna, Bangladesh. Now the operation has expanded to Meherpur, Gaibandha & Bagerhat districts as well. Residents of the area now have access to primary healthcare from remote locations. 

How you can contribute: 

Spreeha believes in partnership and collaboration to make effective change in communities. Join the Million Smiles Club and embark on the journey to inspire a million lives. 

  1. Sneho Urgent Health Care 
    • USD 50,000: Covers the expense of operating an entire urgent care centre that can serve 12,000 people for a year.
  1. Sneho Mobile Health Service (Tele-health) 
    •  USD 40,000: Can support 8,000 patients from remote locations with full doctors’ consultation & occasional medicine support for those with need.

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Issue AreaHealth

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