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Promoting ecological balance and creating harmony between humans and nature.


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BEDS (Bangladesh Environment and Development Society) is a NGO which is committed to conserve ecological balance and create harmony between humans and nature. BEDS was established in 2010 and registered by the Government of Bangladesh. BEDS was formed for solving the complex environmental and social problems. BEDS has been working with Environment and Ecosystem; Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation; Clean/Solar Energy; Livelihood; Gender Development; Health and Sanitation; Women and Child Rights; Wildlife Conservation and Protection since 2010. BEDS received prestigious national and international awards due to its’ outstanding contribution on environment sectors. We believe that any kind of conservation initiatives becomes successful and sustainable when local communities are on board; fully understand the value of their participation and long term benefits.

Community Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration Project in Bangladesh 

Mangrove restoration is one of the prime initiatives of BEDS. Regeneration of mangrove ecosystems have important ecological, economic, and social value for coastal communities in order to climate change adaptation and mitigation. So, BEDS has been planting and regenerating mangrove together with local people since 2013. We have been trying to create a mangrove buffer zone for coastal protection and ensuring mangrove based livelihoods, increase the forest coverage and biodiversity in response to global climate change. So far; BEDS has planted more than 200 thousand mangroves in the Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh together with local people.

Better Home for Better Life in response to COVID-19 Challenges

Better home for better life is an idea to improve the socio economic condition and to ensure the food security and food safety of the local people through supporting with environment friendly farming (agriculture and animal husbandry) and fishing, solar home system, improve cooking stoves, water purification system etc in each family. BEDS is currently supporting 60 families under better home for better life project. This initiative will not only improve the socio economic condition of the marginal villagers, but also give them strength to face COVID-19 pandemic.

Relief and Rehabilitation                                          

Relief and rehabilitation is one of the focal thematic areas of BEDS and the organization has been working with relief and rehabilitation work since 2013. In emergency situation like natural disaster or pandemic, BEDS supports the vulnerable community with relief and rehabilitation. So far, BEDS has supported the Rohingya refugee, Cyclone Amphan affected community and COVID-19 supported people of Bangladesh.


Reducing poverty of the marginal communities is one of the prime thematic areas of BEDS. BEDS has been working for improving livelihoods of the coastal communities of Bangladesh since 2011. The organization has been trying to introduce Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP) business (Honey, pickle, Nipa Molasses etc.) by ensuring natural resource management. The organization also working on Agro-Ecology (Environment friendly agriculture, fishing and livestock), Eco tourism, Nature Experience program, Homestead gardening, crab fattening,  sewing activities etc. in order to improve the livelihood of the poor coastal communities. Apart from this, BEDS is also working on sixth sector industrialization by improving the capacity of the rural producers groups.

Water and Sanitation

BEDS has been trying to solve drinking water crisis where people are crying for drinking water since 2015. Around 73 percent of the people living in the Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh are deprived of drinking water. It is a massive crisis in the coastal region of Bangladesh due to increasing of salinity both ground and surface water. So far, BEDS has supported more than 9000 villagers of 11 villages with safe drinking water through re-excavating ponds, establishing solar based pond sand and filter system as well as Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with Water ATM and installing water wells. Apart from this, BEDS has been conducting education program for students and villagers on water and sanitation.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Bangladesh is a disaster prone country due to its geological situation. Natural disaster is a common incident in the Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh. BEDS is very much concerned for reducing disaster risks of the coastal people of Bangladesh and assisting them to adapt with global climate change. In regards to disaster risk reduction, BEDS has established a multipurpose Cyclone Shelter and Training Center in the Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh. BEDS has created an Emergency Disaster Fund, formed Village Disaster Management Committee (VDMC), prepared training manual on Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR), developed skill of the VDMC members on disaster preparedness, introduced early warning system, provided safety materials to the villagers, protected embankment through mangrove plantation and fencing using traditional techniques, improved the skill of the target villagers on climate friendly livelihood and supported the vulnerable villagers with duck, sheep and agricultural seeds.

Clean/Solar Energy

Promoting renewable energy is one of the major working areas of BEDS. BEDS has been working to promote renewable energy in the Sundarbans coastal region since 2013. BEDS has supported more than 3000 coastal families with solar home system, solar lamp, solar generator and solar battery. Apart from this, BEDS has established 4 solar stations for the betterment of the local villagers of non electrified area. Moreover, BEDS provided multimedia support to one elementary school of the Sundarbans region with the help of solar energy. Besides, safe drinking water service of BEDS has been conducted with the help of solar energy. BEDS has also been supporting 40 local farmers through solar based irrigation system. As a result of renewable energy service of BEDS, Banishanta union under Dacope sub district of Khulna district of Bangladesh has been declared as the first ever solar union of Bangladesh.

Wildlife Conservation and Protection

BEDS has been conducting wildlife conservation and protection activities through education and awareness programs since 2013. BEDS mainly focuses on conserving the endangered and critically endangered species like Northern River Terrapin, dolphin, vulture etc. In 2013, the BEDS team confirmed that reproduction of Batagur baska is still occurring in the wild and collected five juveniles from fishermen and rescued four females from a coastal house. BEDS mainly conducts school education and community education for inspiring the students and local villagers to conserve the wildlife for their betterment. The organization also conducts public campaigns to aware general people for conserving the endangered wildlife.

Children Education and Health

BEDS has been supporting the students education kits, education and health service, provide informal education on environment and biodiversity in terms of better life and sustainable ecosystem since 2013.

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