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Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS)


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Ecological Balance

Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) is a non-profit, non-political and Non-Government Organization (NGO) committed to sustainable socio-economic development, conservation of natural resources, use of clean energy and protection of the environment through action research and implementation of specific activities. BEDS was formed on July 26, 2010, to work with the local community through partnerships with the national and international community to build the capacity of the most vulnerable communities to ensure sustainable use of natural resources, provide eco-friendly means of living, reduce the adverse impact of climate change, and improve their socio-economic conditions. BEDS ultimately seeks to promote long-term co-existence of man and his environment. Their services include Environment and Ecosystem, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Clean/Solar Energy, Livelihood, Gender Development, Health, and Sanitation, Women and Child Rights, and Wildlife Conservation and Protection.

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