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Give to Australia charities

Give2Asia makes it easy to support a charity in Australia. Make a gift to benefit your favorite nonprofit or one of our trusted partners.

How to give to Australia

Give2Asia’s mission is to strengthen communities by making cross-border giving easier and more effective.

Make a donor-advised gift

Support your favorite charity in Australia safely and legally.

Establish a Friends Fund

Enable a charity in Australia to accept international donations.

Create a request or Legacy Fund

Ensure that a cause or community in Australia is cared for in perpetuity.

Why work with Give2Asia

Give2Asia is US-based 501(c)(3) public charity with affiliates in Australia and Hong Kong SAR PRC. Donations from those locations may qualify as a charitable contribution. Learn more.

Benefits for Donors

  • Multiple giving methods
  • Tax benefit eligibility
  • Donor support team
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Benefits for Corporations

  • In-country expertise
  • Industry-leading due diligence
  • Compliance and risk mitigation
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Benefits for Charities

  • Secure online giving
  • Employee giving opportunities
  • No overseas registration
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Local knowledge counts

Give2Asia’s in-country experts provide local knowledge and oversight to help ensure donations will have the desired impact.

Anita Toy

Chief Representative, Give2Asia Australia

Anita Toy has over 13 years’ experience in corporate giving and private philanthropy. She joined Give2Asia (USA) in 2017 as a Country Advisor connecting international donors and philanthropists to charitable causes in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to joining Give2Asia, Anita worked for the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group for 14 years where she managed the organisation’s community investment program across 32 countries and strategically partnered with charitable organisations to achieve social impact. Anita holds a Bachelor Degree in Business.

Kimberley McClean

Country Advisor, Australia & New Zealand

Kimberley has worked extensively in Asia and Africa in the areas of poverty reduction, health, gender, community development and participation in NGOs, governments, and the private sector. She has provided technical inputs on projects for ASEAN, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Australian government and various country governments, international and local NGOs, and international consulting firms. Kimberley was an advisor to the Australian government for 10 years to assess NGOs working in international development for accreditation for government grants. Kimberley has a PhD in immunology from the University of Toronto, a Master of Science in Medicine from the University of New South Wales, and a Master of Public Health from the University of Sydney.

Our collective impact in Australia

Since 2001, Give2Asia has delivered more than US$465 million in grants to charities across 23 countries. Here is a snapshot of our work in Australia.



Dollars Granted


Case studies and updates

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Report: Unlocking Cross-border Philanthropy in Asia

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