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Report: Unlocking Cross-border Philanthropy in Asia

Based on a multi-year research effort, our new report assesses the barriers and opportunities for international giving across 15 markets based on extensive interviews with donors, intermediaries, and nonprofits.

Today, Give2Asia is publishing the results of an extensive study on Unlocking Cross-border Philanthropy in Asia. The 100-page report provides a detailed analysis of the barriers to—and opportunities for—cross-border giving within Asia.

The report was produced in collaboration with the Asia Philanthropy Circle, King Baudouin Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its findings are based on in-depth interviews with 150 high-net-worth donors/foundations/corporations and surveys from 135 nonprofit organizations.

“This report provides a roadmap for Asia’s philanthropists seeking to make a regional impact,” said Birger Stamperdahl, President and CEO of Give2Asia. “It also confirms that national charitable institutions in several markets are ready to expand the infrastructure needed to grow an ecosystem for cross-border philanthropy.”

The report provides the results of a multi-year research effort to answer two questions:

  • Is there a need for improved international giving infrastructure serving donors and charitable projects in the Asia-Pacific region?
  • If so, what markets and institutions are most ready to create that infrastructure today?

The research identifies three major take-aways for philanthropists and professionals:

  1. The feasibility of cross-border philanthropy in Asia varies significantly by location due to regulatory hurdles, incentives, and institutional readiness.
  2. Four markets have a high level of readiness for outbound giving: Australia, Hong Kong SAR PRC, Japan, and South Korea.
  3. National-level institutions in multiple locations are interested in collaborating to build the necessary infrastructure for increased giving from their markets.

Funding for the Unlocking Cross-border Philanthropy in Asia research initiative was provided in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “Private philanthropy has the potential to address the major needs facing Asia in the coming decades,” said Rob Rosen, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “This report provides a roadmap for unlocking Asia’s wealth to address major needs in the region and shape Asia’s culture of philanthropy.”

To learn more, view key takeaways and charts from the report online or download the full report (PDF, 10 MB).

Market profiles on each study location (PDF, 2 pages each) are also available to download separately:
China—Hong Kong SAR
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
New Zealand
The Philippines

For more information on the Unlocking Cross-border Philanthropy in Asia report, contact Give2Asia.

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