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About SeeBeyondBorders

Since 2009, SeeBeyondBorders has been improving the quality of education in government primary schools through evidence-based programs, research, and policy input into teacher development. Their work aligns directly with the SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 17 Partnership for Goals.

All children have the right to an education to develop to their full potential. Yet, in Cambodia, many children are falling behind. Less than 3% of 15-year-olds achieve minimum learning standards (2018, PISA-D Report), only one-third of children complete school, and the mean length of schooling is just five years (2020 Human Development Report, UNDP). There are many reasons why children are not learning in school, including poor quality teaching and learning, large classroom sizes and poor learning environments. Additionally, the pandemic was the most significant educational disrupter since the civil war, when 90% of teachers were killed. Lengthy school closures and the breakdown of learning infrastructure during the pandemic have left most children even further behind.

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in Cambodian Primary schools, SeeBeyondBorders provides training and mentoring to school teachers in areas where they need the most support – maths, literacy, and classroom management. They engage parents and other community members to build an understanding of the value of educating their children; and work with the local and national government to foster a commitment to improving the education system nationally.

SeeBeyondBorders is the only development organization operating in Cambodia to have won the UNESCO Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers.

Our Approach

Teachers can learn to teach effectively with the proper support, tools, and training. Teachers engaged in these programs have increased their skills significantly, and student test scores continue to improve and outperform other schools. The evidence-based programs focus on quality and long-term impact rather than quantity. They demonstrate that Cambodian primary schools can achieve quality teaching and learning.

Programs include:

Teacher Mentoring

SeeBeyondBorders works alongside Cambodian teachers in government primary schools to improve early-grade literacy and maths education. The mentoring program provides high-quality training and workshops for teachers to learn best practice maths and literacy teaching methodologies and to develop pedagogical skills. To promote long-term sustainability and change, they support teachers to mentor others and train them to deliver teacher training.

Child-centered Learning, Well-being and Safety

SeeBeyondBorders supports teachers, families, and communities to develop a shared understanding of child well-being and safety, identifying ways to keep children safe to build mutual accountability. They develop teacher skillsets to manage large classes, promote inclusivity and place child well-being at the center of the learning process.

Educational Technology

SeeBeyondBorders enhances learning by bringing educational technology to rural Cambodian primary schools. Teachers are provided with tablets that house quality, contextual educational resources for teaching maths and literacy, mentoring, and continuous professional development. Through training and ongoing support, teachers can effectively use technology to improve classroom engagement, increase attendance rates and improve learning outcomes.

Women in Educational Leadership

SeeBeyondBorders creates pathways for women to progress to educational leadership and management positions. Through a mix of structured learning and practical experiences, the two-year program aims to address the gender gap in school leadership, promote positive role models to inspire girls, and transform school performance and learning levels.

Your Support

SeeBeyondBorders is seeking support from like-minded individuals who want to contribute to improving the quality of education in Cambodia. Your valuable support could assist SeeBeyondBorders in expanding education programs into new rural districts over the next year to reach those furthest behind.

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Issue AreaEducation

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