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Improve Cambodian Education

SeeBeyondBorders has been working to improve the Cambodian education system since 2009. During the all too recent Khmer Rouge regime, 1.7 million Cambodians died as a result of enforced labor, malnutrition and mass executions. 90% of teachers were lost during this period and the education system was destroyed. The effects of this devastating loss are still being felt today, with a population of inadequately trained teachers, and children who are not learning in school. SeeBeyondBorders’ vision is to see a generation of Cambodian children empowered by education. It works with existing Cambodian teachers to improve their pedagogical knowledge and skills, and it is the only organization in Cambodia that supports teachers to train their peers. Its approach involves training mentors, who then provide ongoing mentoring to their teaching colleagues, ensuring the long-term sustainable development of teaching skills. SeeBeyondBorders also works in conjunction with local communities and government officials in order to ensure the sustainability of their programs. Sustainability ensures that Cambodian children will be empowered with an education that will open up futures full of choices and possibilities.

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