Asylum Seekers Centre

The ASC is a place of welcome and provides practical support for people seeking asylum.


Issue AreaCivil Society

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Australia opens its heart to people seeking asylum, affirming their basic human rights to freedom from persecution, violence and fear. Recognising shared humanity, Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC) extend their welcome, respect and support. They are a stronger and more vibrant country as a result.


  • Connect people to support and services: The services include accommodation, legal advice, financial relief, health care, employment assistance, education, food, material aid and recreational activities.
  • Engage community: ASC builds and harnesses the good will in the community towards people seeking asylum. They create opportunities for people to provide practical support as well as to advocate for political change.
  • Influence policy and legal change: ASC draw on the direct daily experience of people seeking asylum to develop and promote campaigns to improve public laws and policies, working with other services to bring about needed change.


The Asylum Seekers Centre work is underpinned by a set of values built on their commitment to a human rights approach.

  • Compassion & connection: ASC is a place where people feel safe, welcomed and valued as human beings. They extend kindness and generosity to every-one who comes to the Centre and seek to create a place where people feel a sense of belonging whilst they build confidence to connect into the communities where they live.
  • People-centred: ASC work alongside people seeking asylum focusing on people’s needs and adjusting what they do and how they work in response to people’s strengths and capabilities.
  • Collaborative: ASC work alongside people seeking asylum, our staff and volunteers, other agencies, donors and supporters, to provide the best possible service and improve relevant laws, policies and programs.
  • Innovative: ASC is creative and agile, always learning, and ready to take risks to accelerate positive change.

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Issue AreaCivil Society

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