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Indonesia is facing another wave of COVID-19 cases due to the spread of Omicron variant. As of February 24, 2022, the increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases reached 57,426 cases per day. The Government is continuing the vaccine booster program to achieve herd immunity in the midst of increasing number of positive cases.

Most COVID-19 cases in Indonesia are transmitted locally. Residents have been aware of using the mask and maintaining their hygiene during outside activity. Meanwhile, the Government has announced level 3 of community movement restriction to slow down the virus transmission in some Provinces that have higher transmission rate.


Give2Asia’s disaster response program funds both immediate needs and long-term recovery. Currently, our funding priorities in Indonesia include:

  • Online medical service, including home-care treatment, free medicine, and home visits from local Health Posts
  • Vaccination and booster program
  • Mental Health Support to affected communities
  • Meals for the food–insecure population, such as low-income families with children
  • Economic recovery program

FEATURED PARTNERS (partial list)

Our local NGO partners in Indonesia include: 

Project HOPE 

Project HOPE is global health and humanitarian organization operating in more than 25 countries. Some of the work Project Hope in Indonesia has been conducted are Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Training programs implemented in 25 hospitals in 7 regions; Mental Health and Resiliency Training; COVID-19 Response and Preparedness Training; and the distribution of PPEs.

Project HOPE is well positioned to continue response efforts focused on COVID-19 prevention and treatment, including expansion of healthcare workers and frontline personnel training, scale-up of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, PPE and supply distribution, infection prevention and control activities, and hygiene promotion. The immediate needs are:

  • Providing essential PPEs and medical equipment (oxygen concentrators, high flow nasal cannula, testing supplies, etc.)
  • Training to FHWs on Infection Prevention Controls
  • Public Awareness Raising on prevention and vaccines
  • Mental Health and Resiliency of Healthcare Workers

Human Initiative

Human Initiative is a Indonesian charitable organization engaged in sustainable development and relief assistance programs. They provide relief assistance in the form of food, clothing, shelter, health services and educational facilities, and implementation of sustainable development projects. Their COVID-19 activities include providing:

  • Food and vitamins for health workers
  • Mobile Labs PCR BSL-2
  • Ambulances
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical supplies
  • Respirators for hospitals
  • Hygiene kits
  • Food ration distributions to low-income families

IDEP Foundation

Yayasan IDEP is an Organization based in Bali, which focuses on Emergency Response, DRR, Sustainable Development, and Media Development. Since the start of the pandemic, IDEP Foundation has been supporting communities in Bali on:

  • Sanitation packages for COVID-19 Task Force working at the community level
  • Sanitation packages for FHWs and families
  • Food rations for to women-headed households and to communities in nine Districts of Bali
  • Awareness-raising on COVID-19 prevention

Lentera Kesehatan Nusantara (LKN)

LKN Foundation manages several health projects focused on community empowerment and advocacy. To address the current Covid-19 crisis, LKN is providing:

  • Cash donation support for informal workers
  • Mental health care
  • Medical equipment to hospitals within the LKNU network
  • Capacity building and equipment support to frontline healthcare workers

East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP)

Yayasan Ekoturisme Indonesia, known as The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP), is a non-profit organization helping the thousands of people who live in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities, and electricity in East Bali. In response to COVID-19, EBPP is providing:

  • Food distribution for malnourished children
  • Drinking water distribution
  • PPE distribution
  • Online physiotherapy for the disabled
  • Hygiene kit distribution


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Give2Asia recently published a progress report on COVID-19 relief efforts from January 2020 to July 2021. You can also read our previous report.

Photos courtesy of Dedy Istanto

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