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Shanghai Putuo Pet Welfare Service Center

Mainly engaged in public service activities related to civilized pet raising and stray animal management, working with Furry Friends to rescue stray animals and find them loving homes.


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Our Mission

Participate in managing stray animals in the city, improve the living conditions of stray animals, enhance the environmental quality of the community, and the awareness of animal protection.

The Need

The polarized attitudes of citizens towards stray animals; Community issues and conflicts arising from stray animals; Social attention is not high, social propaganda channels are limited; Project funding source is limited and facing forced relocation.

The Solution

Cooperate with committees to carry out project services; Alleviate environmental problems and neighborhood disputes through TNR and community governance; Use public welfare platforms to raise project funds and expand pet medical cooperation; Strengthen publicity and link official publicity channels.

Our Impact

As of 2023, more than 120 civilized pet-raising theme activities have been carried out with more than 100,000 people participating, the total volunteer service time exceeded 1,600 hours, with 670 volunteers. Furry Friends has saved more than 1,430 animals.

As an important partner of Shanghai Putuo Pet Welfare Service Center, Furry Friends, an animal rescue charity in Shanghai, China, was founded by Rose in 2016 and has dedicated years to rescuing stray animals and finding them loving homes. With over 1,430 animals saved, Furry Friends aims to provide permanent homes for them, not just survival at the shelter, Maomao Jia. Despite the tireless efforts of Rose and Phelix, who manage all aspects of animal care and support without external assistance, challenges persist. Short on funds and facing forced relocation, Furry Friends seeks support to ensure a smooth transition to a new sanctuary for furry friends, as well as maintain daily operations and animal care. Join Furry Friends in supporting these selfless rescuers by spreading awareness and helping secure a haven for the cats and dogs of Maomao Jia.

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