China Rural Doctors Program

Training doctors and upgrading village health stations to help rural communities in China


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A large portion of China’s 1.4 billion population lives in rural areas, yet many residents in remote villages lack adequate medical care. The Rural Doctors Program seeks to change that. The Program will train rural doctors in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and make much-needed improvements to sub-standard village health stations. With your support, we can improve the quality of healthcare and life for millions of rural residents in China.

The Need

Across China, there are 622,000 village health stations in rural areas. However, most of them lack resources and staff expertise to provide a modern standard of care. Only 26% of their doctors are fully qualified, and the stations often lack the supplies and technology to diagnose and treat patients. However, many rural residents are limited to this insufficient care because it takes too much time and money to get treatment from doctors and hospitals in major cities. These rural doctors need funding to receive better medical training, supplies, and technology to serve their communities.

The Solution

The Rural Doctors Program strives to train doctors and support these health stations through a four-part plan:

  • Train doctors in traditional Chinese medicine, which has unique cultural advantages in rural China.
  • Rebuild village health stations that were badly damaged in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake
  • Improve diagnosis capabilities by providing ultrasound technology and technical training
  • Instruct doctors on diagnosing and treating childhood Leukemia, a tragic disease that must be caught early to allow good patient outcomes.

The Impact

The program will train thousands of doctors, provide essential technology and supplies, and support 1-2 million rural residents. Your support will help communities in rural China access the high-quality healthcare they deserve.

How to Donate

To support the Rural Doctors Program, request a consultation with our international giving team. Donations from the US and Hong Kong SAR PRC are eligible for tax benefits.

You can also make an online donation using a credit card. Donations through this form are tax-deductible for US donors only.

For corporate and foundation giving opportunities, please contact our international grantmaking team. Give2Asia also offers employee giving through Benevity and other major platforms.

Project Deep-Dive

Rural communities in China are facing a dire lack of adequate medical care. 42% of China’s impoverished rural population loses their independence due to illness. With an aging rural population and isolated villages, the need for local healthcare is great.

However, many rural doctors aren’t fully qualified to provide a modern standard of care, and their health stations lack the necessary equipment and supplies to treat common ailments locally. To meet the medical needs of these communities, the Rural Doctors Program intends to train and support rural doctors, improve conditions of health stations, provide high-impact clinical technologies, and increase diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.


Training Rural Doctors

The Program is divided into four main projects. The first project is to teach rural doctors traditional Chinese medicine, which is uniquely trusted in rural areas. In addition to providing healing benefits, this initiative will build trust between doctors and local communities, while helping preserve traditional practices and wisdom. The program aims to teach 1,000 doctors with 1-2 million total beneficiaries in the Yunnan Dali area. It will cost 30,000rmb (US$4,300) to train each doctor, and this fund will cover training, financial aid, and future support in treatment.

Rebuilding Rural Health Stations

Village health stations are the primary point of care for rural communities. When these stations cannot provide adequate care, villagers have no choice but to forego treatment or travel long distances at great expense to seek treatment. Both choices put their health and economic wellbeing at risk. Additionally, many health stations have not fully recovered from the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. As part of this Program, Give2Asia will work with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) to rebuild stations in Sichuan Zhongjiang . Each station will cost approximately 300,000rmb (US$43,000) to rebuild and bring up to standard.

Improving Diagnostic Capabilities

The third project is to improve ultrasound diagnosis capabilities in rural communities. Give2Asia and the China Cardiovascular Ultrasound Association will purchase and distribute portable color doppler ultrasound machines, provide doctors with training, and fund remote consultation with experts. Ultrasound technology is a valuable tool for both routine and emergency care, but only if doctors are equipped with both technology and training. This project— focused in the mountainous region outside Beijing, in Yanqing and Pinggu—is projected to cost around 4m RMB (US$570,000) per phase.

Leukemia Diagnosis and Treatment

The fourth project is to improve childhood Leukemia diagnosis and treatment in Heyuan (Guandong province). Children here face a higher than average rate of Leukemia, and Heyuan lacks the resources to provide sufficient care. This causes many families to travel and spend exorbitant amounts of money. Give2Asia, working with the Henghui Charity Foundation, will work with trained medical experts to introduce advanced technology, train doctors, and build a system for topical education. The cost for this project’s 5 years of support is around 2m RMB (US$285,000).

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