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Grantmaking to China in 2022: Deadlines, Documents, and Considerations [Updated]

As we look toward another successful year of grantmaking in China, we invite donors and partners to plan your 2022 giving.

Give2Asia is one of a select number of organizations with permission to fund and manage charitable projects in China under that country’s Overseas Non-Governmental Organization (ONGO) Law. We are honored to have initiated 354 new projects totaling US$63 million in grants since 2017. And there is much more work to be done. The needs in developing regions of China remain vast and philanthropy can make an enormous impact. We invite current and prospective donors to contact us and submit your concept notes for future grants.


For corporations, philanthropists, nonprofits, and foundations that seek to support projects in China with Give2Asia, we have three opportunities each year to submit proposals for review and approval.

1st Window for China Project Submission

  • November 30, 2021: Deadline for concept notes & commitment forms to Give2Asia
  • December 15, 2021: Annual window for submission to PSU (Professional Supervisory Unit) & PSB (Public Security Bureau) — see the Governance section below for context
  • March 15-31, 2022 (estimated): Grant approved by Chinese government (PSU and PSB)

2nd Window for China Project Submission

  • March 15, 2022: Deadline for concept notes & commitment forms to Give2Asia
  • March 31, 2022: Annual window for submission to PSU & PSB
  • June 30, 2022 (estimated): Grant approved by Chinese government (PSU and PSB)

Thanks to our on-the-ground presence and close relationship with the local PSU and PSB, Give2Asia often has an opportunity for a third period of submission. Though not guaranteed, this is the timeline assuming an August 1 submission deadline that has not yet been confirmed.

Tentative 3rd Window for China Project Submission

  • July 15, 2022: Deadline for concept notes & commitment forms to Give2Asia
  • August 1, 2022: Annual window for submission to PSU & PSB
  • November 1-30, 2022 (estimated): Grant approved by Chinese government (PSU and PSB)

Documents Needed

To effectively manage projects in China, Give2Asia needs three documents from funders:

1. Concept Note Using Give2Asia Template

When a funder has confirmed a project with a China-based charity, Give2Asia offers a concept note that includes all of the relevant information for our Annual Activity Plan submission. Give2Asia will review the concept note with the funder and manage the submission to the Chinese government. The concept note template includes requests for the following information:

  • Donor Information: Only the donor name is required. No further details are needed.
  • Charity Information: Overseas funders may only make grants to registered domestic charities in China. Grants to individuals or organizations registered as a business are not permitted.
  • Project Information: A brief project description, target issues, planned activities, expected outcomes, project location, grant period, sub-grantee or project partner, grant amount, and disbursement arrangements for each grant.

2. China Contribution Commitment Form

This form provides information on the donor, such as the donor’s mission, primary contact, and special requests. It also captures details on Give2Asia’s project and due diligence pricing.

3. Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Agreement

This is a one-time document signed at the beginning of a relationship between Give2Asia and a donor. Once signed, Give2Asia can establish a fund to hold and account for your donations as they wait to be granted and take guidance over email without requiring additional signed documentation for each grant request. For new donors beginning with a grant to China, Give2Asia typically requests the signing of a DAF Agreement either once due diligence activity is set to begin or once final grant approval from the PSU and PSB has been received.

More Things to Consider


If the details of an approved grant need to be adjusted, a request must be submitted to Give2Asia. Once Give2Asia reviews the request, we submit it to the Chinese authorities and manage the change process from that point.

  • Adjustments can include: Grant amount, grant period, budget allocations, and select project activities and activity locations
  • Adjustments cannot include: changes to project goal and project partners

Due Diligence

Give2Asia conducts a thorough due diligence of charities receiving grants once the authorities have approved the Annual Activity Plan. Should a charity not pass a due diligence check, Give2Asia will inform the donor.


China’s ONGO Law requires that Give2Asia be referred to as the project manager in all publicity activities or materials within China. However, corporations and corporate foundations may be acknowledged as the funders. This requirement does not apply to publicity and materials outside of China’s mainland.


Give2Asia holds our work in China to the highest standard of compliance and supervision. We have established a local office with our Chief China Representative Carol Yang and eight other staff in Beijing.

Our activities in China are governed by China’s ONGO Law, under which Give2Asia is responsible for grants made to Chinese grantees.

China People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries oversees our work in China as our Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU). The Beijing Public Security Bureau’s Overseas NGO Administrative Office (PSB) monitors all grants and activities carried out by Give2Asia. At our Beijing office, our staff maintain a close working relationship with our PSU and the PSB to make each project as successful as possible.

As we work together to continue providing philanthropic funding in China, we are dedicated to making sure our donors achieve effective impact. To learn more about grantmaking opportunities in China and Give2Asia’s process, request a consultation with our international giving team.


Photo courtesy of Shanghai Oasis Green Food Bank

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