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Start a Fundraiser: A new fundraising tool for our nonprofit partners

Empower your top supporters to raise donations for your organization

One of the biggest ways a donor can increase their impact is to raise money for your cause.

However, setting up crowdfunding campaigns can be challenging for overseas nonprofits and their US-based donors.

To make crowdfunding more accessible, Give2Asia is teaming up with to offer their new “Start a Fundraiser” tool to all organizations with an American Friends Fund at Give2Asia. Nonprofits and individual donors can use this tool to create a fundraiser with just a few clicks.

To get started, our Friends Fund partners should find their organization’s fundraising page on

For example, here is the fundraising page for our partner Karen Hilltribes Trust.

Once you find your organization’s page, simply click the “Start a Fundraiser” button on your organization’s page to get started.

The first time you visit, you or your donor will be asked to create an account:

After creating your account or logging in, add a title and description to your fundraiser. For example:

After you click Launch, your fundraiser is live! Use the icons to share your fundraiser on social media:

Before you leave the page, be sure to save the unique URL for your fundraiser so you can share it later!

Here’s the final fundraiser we created for Karen Hilltribes:

Two important notes to keep in mind:

  1. Donations made on will be transferred to Give2Asia once a week. Please allow up to 10 days for them to show up in your Friends Fund.
  2. Friends Fund partners will see a single donation from in their Give2Asia Portal, rather than each donor’s information.

We hope this new tool helps you and your donors mobilize more support for your organization’s important work!

“Start a Fundraiser” FAQ

Can my donors create their own fundraisers?

Yes, anyone can create a fundraiser for your organization. To help them get started, send a link to your fundraising page.

How do I receive donations?

For Give2Asia Friends Fund partners, donations made on will be transferred on a weekly basis to your Friends Fund at Give2Asia.

What are the fees? charges no additional fees. Your standard Give2Asia Friends Fund fees and credit card fees will be applied.

How many fundraisers can I create?

There is no limit to the number of fundraisers your organization can have.

Can I adjust the fundraiser goal?

By default, the fundraiser goal is increased automatically as you receive donations. To set a custom fundraiser goal, request support at

How do I close my fundraiser?

There is no need to close each fundraiser. You can simply stop sharing the link.

How can I find my donation page?

Try searching for your organization’s name at If you can’t find your organization, email for assistance.

What are the differences between and Facebook fundraisers?

The main advantage to raising money for your nonprofit through a Facebook Fundraiser for Give2Asia is that Facebook will promote it automatically to your (or your donor’s) Facebook friends.

The advantages of using the new “Create a Fundraiser” tool include:

  • The fundraiser will be branded with your own nonprofit, rather than Give2Asia
  • The fundraiser can be shared on any social platform
  • donations will arrive in your Friends Fund once a week (Facebook donations can take over a month to reconcile)

Both fundraiser options add no additional fees beyond your standard Give2Asia and credit card fees.

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