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Donors give US$10 million to support COVID-19 health workers, patients in China [UPDATED]

Give2Asia is partnering with leading Chinese nonprofit organizations to support frontline health workers and hospitals responding to the coronavirus crisis.

NOTE: This page provides the latest updates on our work in Hubei Province. To learn about our COVID-19 campaigns in other locations, read our new post on funding coronavirus pandemic response across Asia.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Thanks to your generous support, we have received over US$10 million in donations and pledges to support health workers and patients impacted by the coronavirus epidemic. Thank you to all the foundations, corporations, and individual donors who are stepping up in this time of need.

Give2Asia’s disaster response program supports both immediate needs and long-term recovery. Now that the immediate crisis in Hubei Province has subsided, Give2Asia and our partners are focusing on long-term recovery efforts.

Immediate needs served by our local NGO partners in China during the initial crisis included:

• 43,000 isolation gowns to 3 hospitals in Wuhan
• 20,000 liters of hospital disinfectant
• 205 disinfection machines staffed by over 500 volunteers
• 100 air purifiers to 2 hospitals in Hubei
• 30 blood diagnostic machines and 20 ventilator machines for 7 hospitals across 5 cities
• 86 oxygen generators for community health service centers and home quarantine patients
• 50,000 meals for medical staff and patients

(Give2Asia provides donors with a formal report on service delivery & impact after a disaster campaign concludes.)

Supporting long-term recovery is equally important to help communities and families recover. Long-term needs will include mental health support and rehabilitation for frontline workers, care for children of health workers who lost their lives due to COVID-19, and education to prevent future epidemics.

Individuals can get involved in long-term recovery and care efforts by donating online or creating a Facebook fundraiser to benefit the COVID-19 coronavirus response and recovery. Give2Asia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so US donors are eligible for tax benefits.

For corporate grants, employee matching programs, or major gifts, request a consultation with Give2Asia’s international grantmaking team.

Donate Online (US & international donors)
Donate Online (Hong Kong SAR PRC donors)

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is an emerging global health crisis. To date, residents in China have suffered the greatest harm. Give2Asia is mobilizing an international campaign to support health workers and hospitals in Wuhan and other affected communities.

Our local partners for this campaign include:

  • China Development Research Foundation (CDRF)
  • China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA)
  • China Womens Development Foundation (CWDF)
  • Ramunion International (Zhejiang) (member of Ramunion)
  • Hangzhou Ramunion Foundation (member of Ramunion)
  • Beijing Social Work Development Center of Ramunion (member of Ramunion)
  • Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation
  • China Charity Federation
  • Gingko Foundation
  • Sichuan Haihui Poverty Alleviation Service Center
  • …and others

Currently, donations are being used to:

  • Purchase relevant medical supplies (such as mask, protection suit, goggles), which are in short supply across China.
  • Provide frontline workers with food, subsidies, and lodging costs, particularly those who have traveled into areas most affected by the outbreak.
  • Support the construction of temporary hospitals to alleviate overcrowded outpatient departments and hospital waiting rooms.
  • Initiate mid- to long-term recovery efforts, such as mental health treatment for frontline workers, epidemic prevention and education efforts, in preparation for the next outbreak.

Our China team is in daily communication with these and other NGOs to monitor usage of funds, identify additional needs, and evaluate capacity to respond.

Give2Asia is one of the few international NGOs registered to support local causes in China. We are honored to have received special permission from Chinese authorities to accept expedited donations for local response efforts.

For assistance with other giving methods (check, bank transfer, and appreciated stock, bitcoin), or for corporate/foundation donations, request a consultation or email us at

About Give2Asia

Give2Asia is a trusted partner for international philanthropy and the leader in donor-advised grantmaking to the Asia-Pacific. Since 2001, Give2Asia has facilitated more than $342 million of charitable grants across 23 countries.

Give2Asia has supported China-based charitable partners since 2001. Give2Asia has an extensive track record of disaster response campaigns, including a significant role in fundraising for the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and other disaster events in China. Give2Asia is honored to maintain close working relationships with our PSU (Professional Supervisory Unit) and the PSB (Public Security Bureau) in Beijing.

Give2Asia is a registered 501(c)3 in the United States. Give2Asia Foundation Limited is a tax-exempt organization in China—Hong Kong SAR under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Hong Kong IR File Number 91/11865).

Trust and Transparency: 90% or more of your donation will go directly to our local nonprofit partners. A small portion of your donation helps Give2Asia manage grants to ensure that donor funds are used effectively. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible in the US. To learn more about Give2Asia’s work, visit our Resources page.

Donate Online (US & international donors)
Donate Online (Hong Kong SAR PRC donors)

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