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2017 end-of-year giving campaign results

Happy New Year! During the 2017 holiday season, we invited you to support and raise awareness for the organizations in Asia that matter most to you. We set a US$1 million goal for the campaign between October 1 and December 31. Together with your help, we blew that goal out of the water reaching over US$2 million in donations.

Thank you for helping us enter the New Year on such a celebratory note!
Now let’s take a look at where and how this funding will make a difference.

20 countries & 92 charities spanning Asia, Australia and New Zealand have been reached by your generous donations. Below we explore the distribution of funds from this particular campaign, and highlight three of the inspiring organizations that will be able to do more thanks to this funding. Be sure to follow links to their project pages to learn more about their work and consider funding future initiatives into the New Year!


Did you know that our funding reach spans not only Asia, but Australia and New Zealand as well? As a result, our donors are able to engage with an even more diverse range of projects than ever.

The highest proportions of these donations will be utilized in Australia, India, and Thailand.

More than half (51%) of all individual donations were directed towards India and Japan. Within these countries, tremendous numbers of donors contributed to the India HIV/AIDS Alliance and The American School in Japan, showing that health and education projects were at the forefront of concern among contributors.


To better appreciate how big of a difference your donations have made, we’re highlighting three organizations that will be able to do more thanks to the incredible success of this campaign.

Greening Australia
Greening Australia utilizes new technology and local practices to conserve wide sections of Australia’s habitat, create greener cities, improve water quality, restore threatened species, and combat climate change. One of their projects, Tasmania Island Ark, works with local landowners to revitalize local farming communities and restore wildlife that is virtually extinct elsewhere on earth.

Desphande Foundation
Deshpande Foundation is an organization in India that applies a bottom-up approach to social entrepreneurship to help find scalable solutions to local challenges. By empowering communities through skill-based learning, development programs, and sustainable agriculture initiatives, Deshpande Foundation has provided the platform and resources to mobilize thousands to take development into their own hands.

Child’s Dream Foundation
Child’s Dream Foundation in Thailand works to empower underprivileged children and has launched more than 500 projects since its inception in 2003, working in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to meet education, health, and environmental needs. Their Basic Education focus group has led to the building of hundreds of schools, material provisions, and dozens of water systems to various villages across Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Check Out All of Our Partners Who Received Support from Our End-of-Year Campaign
To get a fuller sense of the scope of this campaign, check out our list of all of the organizations that received donations from this campaign, and follow our Facebook and Twitter for more updates on ways to give.


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