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Give to Japan charities

Give2Asia makes it easy to support a charity in Japan. Make a gift to benefit your favorite nonprofit or one of our trusted partners.

How to give to Japan

Give2Asia’s mission is to strengthen communities by making cross-border giving easier and more effective.

Make a donor-advised gift

Support your favorite charity in Japan safely and legally.

Establish a Friends Fund

Enable a charity in Japan to accept international donations.

Create a request or Legacy Fund

Ensure that a cause or community in Japan is cared for in perpetuity.

Why work with Give2Asia

Give2Asia is US-based 501(c)(3) public charity with affiliates in Australia and Hong Kong SAR PRC. Donations from those locations may qualify as a charitable contribution. Learn more.

Benefits for Donors

  • Multiple giving methods
  • Tax benefit eligibility
  • Donor support team
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Benefits for Corporations

  • In-country expertise
  • Industry-leading due diligence
  • Compliance and risk mitigation
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Benefits for Charities

  • Secure online giving
  • Employee giving opportunities
  • No overseas registration
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Local knowledge counts

Give2Asia’s in-country experts provide local knowledge and oversight to help ensure donations will have the desired impact.

Founded in 1996, Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) acts as a national infrastructure organization for the growing nonprofit sector in Japan. With a variety of programs, JNPOC aims to support the civic activities of Japanese civil society and the growth of its nonprofit sector through the development of NPOs (nonprofit organizations) and NPO intermediaries, and the promotion of collaboration between nonprofits, the government, and the private sector. Our primary advisors at JNPOC are Kazuho Tsuchiya 土屋 一歩 and Yuko Fujino 藤野 悠子.

Our collective impact in Japan

Since 2001, Give2Asia has delivered more than US$465 million in grants to charities across 23 countries. Here is a snapshot of our work in Japan.



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Case studies and updates

[Webinar] DisasterLink: A Network for Effective Disaster Response

This webinar shares the challenges to overseas disaster response funding and how Give2Asia’s new DisasterLink Network seeks to address them.

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DisasterLink Network will accelerate relief funding when disasters strike

The new network enables donors to rapidly support 20 local nonprofits in five highly disaster-prone countries in Asia.

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Report: Japan Kyushu Flood Relief Campaign

In July 2020, Give2Asia launched a disaster campaign to support local partners working on Japan’s Kyushu flood response.

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