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Empirically Conjugated Science

Established in 1858 by Yukichi Fukuzawa as a small school of Western  learning, Keio has a history of being Japan’s very first private  institution of higher learning. Over 150 years since its foundation,  Keio has thrived under its founder’s motto of jitsugaku, also known as  empirically conjugated science.The University has embarked on a new fundraising campaign since autumn 2018, to collect funds for  human resource development. Here is the outline of the new initiative: Keio Gijuku Fukuzawa Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Education and Research: Fukuzawa Fund, named after Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of  Keio University, was established in 1961, at the initiative of the then president Shohei Takamura in commemoration of the university’s centennial. Having academic advancement and development of competitive  scholars as the basic principles, this fund provides extensive support  to the research/educational activities carried out by academicians at Keio University. Keio Gijuku Koizumi Memorial Fund for the Advancement of  Education and Research: Established in 1967, this fund honors the achievements and contributions made by Shinzo Koizumi, the 7th president  of Keio University, who is also widely known as the tutor of His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus. Koizumi fund supports such various educational
programs as scholarships, athletic activities, and overseas studies,  targeting students enrolled in Keio at all levels.

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