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International Fundraising FAQ for Charities

This page answers common questions about how charities can work with Give2Asia.

For questions frequently asked by donors, please refer to our International Giving FAQ and How to Donate pages.

Give2Asia makes it easier and safer for international donors to support charities in Asia. By setting up a Friends Fund, your donors can benefit from local donor support, secure online giving, and reliable international fund transfers.

Many donors also want to receive a tax benefit. Since Give2Asia has registered charities in the USA, Australia, and Hong Kong SAR PRC, donations made to Give2Asia and our affiliates may qualify as a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

Many US employers will also match employee contributions to US charities. This means your donors can double their impact by supporting you through Give2Asia.

An American Friends Fund provides nonprofits with a cost-effective solution to receive tax-deductible gifts from supporters in the United States. Avoid the trouble and expense of setting up your own U.S.-based charity. Give2Asia handles donor support and back-office administration, including tax receipts.

The Give2Asia network also offers Friends Funds in Australia and Hong Kong SAR PRC.

Learn more about the benefits of Friends Funds here.

Setting up a fund with Give2Asia enables you to receive donations from international donors. However, Give2Asia is not a fundraising service. Our Friends Funds are intended for receiving gifts from your own donors.

Some Friends Fund partners may benefit from Give2Asia’s activities, such as:

  • Give2Asia may promote partners during a campaign, such as for disaster relief
  • Give2Asia may encourage donors to consider Friends Fund partners when they’re exploring new giving opportunities.
  • Give2Asia may publish profile/project pages for our partners on other online platforms, such as Benevity (employee giving)

Friends Fund Management Fees

The fee for each donation to a Friends Fund will be calculated based on the total accumulated amount of donations since January 1 every year.

The following new annual cumulative fee structure is effective as of July 1, 2021:

American Friends Fund Fees* 
First US$100,000 of gifts: 5%
Next US$400,000 of gifts: 3%
Next US$500,000 of gifts 1%
Over US$1 million in gifts: 0.5%

Australian Friends Fund Fees* 
First AU$150,000 of gifts = 5%
Next AU$500,000 of gifts = 3%
Next AU$650,000 of gifts = 1%
Gifts over AU$1.3 million = 0.5%

China—Hong Kong SAR Friends Fund Fees*
First HK$750,000 of gifts = 5%
Next HK$3,000,000 of gifts = 3%
Next HK$3,750,000 of gifts = 1%
Gifts over HK$7,500,000 = 0.5%

We will acknowledge all donations to your fund since January 1, 2021 to determine the fee tier, regardless of disbursements to date.

Here are two examples of how the new fees are calculated:

  • Organization A has raised US$13,000 so far in 2021. Their current fee level for new gifts is 5%. If they receive a $1,000 gift after July 1, the fee on that gift will be at 5%, i.e. $50.
  • Organization B has raised US$200,000 so far in 2021. Since their cumulative balance is above $100,000, the next US$300,000 in donations will see a 3% fee. E.g. If they receive a $1,000 gift after July 1, the fee on that gift will be only $30.

Friends Fund fee levels reset at the beginning of each calendar year. For example, any organization that receives a gift of US$1,000 on January 1, 2022 will pay a 5% fee, or US$50, regardless of the fund balance carried over from 2021.

Important Notes:
* Credit card donations have an additional processing fee of approximately 2-4%, which is set and collected directly by our payment processor.
* Fees for Friends Funds benefiting China-based organizations use a different fee schedule.
* This fee schedule does not apply to other services through Give2Asia.

Friends Fund Setup Fees

For new partners (organizations setting up their first fund with Give2Asia) the set-up fee is US$1,500 / AU$2,000 / HK$10,000 based on the fund location.

For current partners who already have an active fund, the set-up fee for an additional location is US$500 / AU$650 / HK$4,000 based on the fund location.

The fee is not refundable because Give2Asia commits resources conducting the due diligence review, regardless of outcome. We can share the details of the due diligence process in advance so you can decide whether to pay the setup fee.

No, Give2Asia needs to receive the full setup fee before initiating due diligence. Give2Asia cannot start receiving donations on behalf of the nonprofit until due diligence is approved 

Give2Asia (USA) does not grant funds to organizations engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Attempting to lobby or related advocacy activities for legislation
  • Participating or intervening, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office;
  • Directly or indirectly engaging in voter influencing activities such as voter registration promotion
  • Employing or dealing with any persons or organizations known to support terrorism or illegal activities
  • Discriminating in its provision of service based on any of the following: race, sex, color, religion, ethnicity, disability, marital status, pregnancy, or gender identity/sexual orientation

Guidelines for other fund locations differ based on local regulations. Contact us for details.

It can be possible if your organization meets specific requirements. We need to confirm that you perform charitable activities, and that Give2Asia’s funds will go to these charitable activities only. You may need to provide documentation to prove the above-mentioned when requested.

No, Give2Asia will need to conduct separate due diligence and set up separate web pages for each nonprofit entity.

Give2Asia can fund activities that your charity conducts in other countries. However, Give2Asia can only wire funds to the bank account tied to the location that completed due diligence with us. Friends Fund Partners also hold full responsibilities for staying compliant with each country’s regulations, as well as properly using and reporting on the funds spent in another country.

Under Australian law, Myriad Australia Limited is only permitted to support activities providing benevolent relief as defined by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Therefore, funding must satisfy the following two purposes:

Your organizational activities provide benevolent relief by relieving systemic poverty and distress (sickness, disability, suffering, destitution, misfortune and helplessness of individuals) and to improve the health and quality of life of individuals in need; and

Your organization works with impoverished communities that address one or more of the following:

  • deliver emergency relief and prevention services
  • provide livelihood and skills training
  • increase income earning opportunities
  • improve health
  • increase access to quality education

G2AA will assess the programs from your organization for which you intend to fundraise in Australia and ensure it aligns with the above stated benevolent need definitions.

Give2Asia charges the same management fee for every donation to a Friends Fund regardless of amount (until you reach a new tier). Thus, combining donations prior to sending will not reduce Give2Asia’s fee. If you are receiving many very small donations (e.g. $5 each from 100 people), bundling them will slightly reduce the credit card processing fee.

Give2Asia makes it easy for charities with an active Friends Fund to accept bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. The donations are received by our partner and automatically transferred into your Friends Fund.

There are two methods you can use:

Add a “Donate Crypto” button to your website

  1. Follow these instructions at to create a Cryptocurrency donation button for your website
    1. If you can’t find your charity, contact for assistance
  2. Once the button is installed, donors can give a variety of cryptocurrencies directly from your website!
  3. When your donor completes a transaction, the crypto will be received by and converted to cash.
  4. After 1-2 weeks, the donation will be automatically transferred into your Friends Fund at Give2Asia

Send donors to your charity’s profile page on

  1. Go to and search for your charity
    1. If you can’t find your charity, contact for assistance
  2. Send donors the link to your charity’s profile page
    1. For example:
  3. Instruct your donor to click “Donate” –>  “Donate crypto, stocks, or DAF” –> “Crypto”
  4. When they complete the transaction, the crypto will be received by and converted to cash
  5. After 1-2 weeks, the donation will be automatically transferred into your Friends Fund at Give2Asia

Important notes:

  • The fees associated with cryptocurrency donations are your standard Friends Fund fee plus a 1% processing fee charged by Coinbase. charges no additional fees.
  • Your donor’s tax receipt will be provided by instead of Give2Asia. This is because receives and sells the cryptocurrency before transferring the donation to Give2Asia.
    • is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so donors in the USA are eligible for tax benefits
  • It will take 1-2 weeks for donations to appear in your Give2Asia Friends Fund
  • combines donations to your fund before sending them to Give2Asia.
  • For additional information about crypto donations, see’s Crypto FAQ


A Facebook Fundraiser is the best way to run a crowd-funding campaign for your US donors through Give2Asia.

Nonprofits with a Friends Fund at Give2Asia can raise tax-deductible contributions on Facebook from US donors by following these steps:

  1. Creating a Facebook fundraiser, selecting Give2Asia as the nonprofit:
  2. Including your organization’s name in the title of the fundraiser so we know who should receive the funds (e.g. “Fundraiser for Water and Healthcare Foundation”)
  3. Sharing the fundraiser link with your friends and supporters

No, but Give2Asia may help our grantee organizations identify and complete certain grants that they may be eligible for.

Publicizing Give2Asia: Public use of Give2Asia’s name or trademarks must comply with any contracts signed with Give2Asia and with our Brand Guidelines for Partners. Please read this document, as it includes important requirements and guidelines.

Publicizing corporate grants: Grantees and Friends Fund partners should be aware that some funders require written approval before using their name, logo, and/or publicizing a Give2Asia grant.

Grant terminology: In general, the organization that has “made a grant” or is a “project sponsor” is Give2Asia. The donor can be said to have “made the grant possible” or “supported” the organization. The donor can also be said to have “made a donation to Give2Asia for the purposes of supporting education in China.”

This is important for legal reasons that preserve Give2Asia’s independence and the donor’s tax benefits, and not because Give2Asia seeks to deny the donor recognition.

When in doubt, please consult your Country Advisor or Give2Asia Account Manager.