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World Health Organization Foundation

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Ramadan Campaign
During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the WHO Foundation reaffirms its commitment to global health by directly supporting the WHO and its implementing partners. This year, the Foundation spotlights the critical needs of Gaza’s vulnerable communities. WHO’s teams are diligently working on the ground to deliver urgent medical care, facilitate access to essential health services, and provide emergency medical supplies.
Your generosity can help ensure that aid reaches those in greatest need.

Established in May 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) Foundation is an independent non-profit grant-making foundation with a mission to address critical global health needs through innovation while strengthening the WHO and global health systems. The WHO Foundation communicates directly with donors in a language they can understand, actively seeks partnerships, and crafts donations with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). Additionally, it launches innovative campaigns targeting the general public and engages in partnerships with corporations.

The foundation’s role is to provide support for the WHO’s mission, both by direct means and by supporting WHO’s network of partners on the ground. The WHO Foundation brings together donors, world health professionals, and the WHO network to create partnerships that drive innovative actions aimed at addressing the most pressing health challenges of today and tomorrow.

The WHO Foundation establishes collaborative networks that focus on the implementation of innovative and research-based initiatives, with the highest potential to deliver tangible results.

The WHO Foundation places its focus on eleven thematic areas, which are categorized under the three pillars of the WHO: Serving the vulnerable, Keeping the world safe, and Promoting health, as well as under the foundation’s commitment to being the essential basis for building a healthier future for everyone.

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Issue AreaHealth

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