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Taitung County Aboriginal Ebenezer Holistic Care and Development Association 台東縣原住民協會

Providing the best care for underprivileged aboriginal children and elders

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The holiday season is upon and I hope you can help me spread some Christmas cheer all the way to Taitung.

6 years ago, I began volunteering in Taitung, Taiwan as an after-school program teacher at a local church outside of the city. The pastor established the program to offer educational assistance for children with aboriginal backgrounds. After about 20 years of dedication, the program has grown to support around 160 students between the ages of 5 and 18. Here, we offer students positive and encouraging environments to come to after school where they can complete their homework, have nutritious meals, and even learn new skills, such as English, arts, crafts, and music. With difficulties and hardships that are commonly associated with aboriginal communities, these children lose much of their potential as they grow up. Inadequate access to education, limited employment opportunities, and poor living conditions are among the many hardships that hold them back from lifting themselves out of adversity. I have personally witnessed such a big transformation among these children before and after they join the program. With their glowing smiles and lively personalities, I am amazed at how much they embrace joy and hope now. As I have come to understand just how much help they truly need, my volunteer experience has quickly turned into a mission.

Attached is a music video to manifest what we are doing:

As the year comes to a close, I am beginning to work toward my goal of raising $10,000 for tuition, meals, school supplies, and other necessities for the 2023 school year. Fortunately, in this part of the world a little bit goes a long way!

On behalf of these children, a very warm thank you for your support and caring! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

The Taitung County Aboriginal Ebenezer Holistic Care and Development Association 台灣台東縣原住民以便以謝全人關懷發展協會 aims to offer after-school remedial teaching and character education counseling in a flexible and stepwise manner in hopes of providing the best care for underprivileged aboriginal children and elders in Taitung rural areas. Its primary objective is to reinforce family function and values, ultimately forming a complete and linked partnership.

In the numerous rural areas of Taitung County, young children are often socio-economically and educationally deprived. They grow up in families that parents constantly struggle with financial instability due to low education and alcoholism, which ends in a vicious cycle. Without avenues to vent their frustrations and emotions, they live in despair and hurt. With the advent of Taitung County Aboriginal Ebenezer Holistic Care and Development Association 台灣台東縣原住民以便以謝全人關懷發展協會, these children begin to see it in a new light. With a thirst for love and care, these children bond with staff members instantaneously and return their best efforts in demonstrating academic achievements.

Taitung County Aboriginal Ebenezer Holistic Care and Development Association 台灣台東縣原住民以便以謝全人關懷發展協會 offers after school tutoring, multi-faceted activities, dinners, and spiritual companionship to help those underprivileged children, in an attempt to compensate for the inadequacies of schools and family function. It further provides flexible and gentle teachings and communication styles to form an interconnected partnership with all needy children. Schools work under the stress that they need to structure teaching curricula, and they sometimes might neglect individual learning progress and needs.  The association offers boundless assistance for the whole year round.  It holds the “open door” policy for all children who are in needs, just  because they can easily divert from life track without proper guidance and care.  If they can obtain timely directions and advice in pursuit of their studies, they can avoid many trials and errors, further building up their self-values.  Oftentimes, instantaneous understanding and awakening cannot solely depend on one mind inspirational book or a lecture, and it can be achieved through well-planned guidance and companionship.  These needy children need support to rebuild their self-confidence and strong faith in believing what they can achieve, if they work hard toward their goals.

Since the establishment of the association for almost a year, the association was basically viewed as an institute that offers after school care and life counseling.  In Taiwan, there are many more similar organizations or institutes like ours established in remote rural areas.  The association is like a lighthouse that provides limitless warmth and love.  Most importantly, those children who come into this lighthouse will be able to enjoy learning and comfort at home without reserve.  This vision is commonly shared by all staff and volunteers who work in this association.

Objectives and Plans:
1. Continue upholding the organizational missions and values and effectively allocate the community resources to support the underprivileged students.
2. Recruit two full-time special education teachers to assist children and adolescents who have special needs, particularly in the areas of psychological counseling and personality development.
3. Continue to promote social and emotional learning/values education/character education and ultimately provide professional training for the teachers and social workers who work on-site.
4. Continue planning and budgeting yearly summer and winter camps.
5. Continue securing fixed income funding and obtaining additional sponsorships.
6. Connect and mentor the students of Mackay Medical College to join in the medical service in Taitung rural areas.
Help Provide Daily Meals to Kids in Need
This year the Association is holding another fundraiser and is hoping to receive support. In addition to homework help, transportation, classes on English, Music & Dance, one of their programs also provides a healthy meal for the students. The meal program is a huge help for all of the students’ families, and they hope it can continue even in the current situation affecting the entire world.
With your support, Taitung County Aboriginal Ebenezer Holistic Care and Development Association can plan ahead, push forward, and keep helping the village kids!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
May God Bless You 🙏

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