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Sacred Heart High School for Girls 天主教聖心女子高級中學

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaEducation

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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For the Sake of One Child 即使為了一個孩子

Sacred Heart High School for Girls, founded in 1960 by an International Society established in France in 1800- Society of the Sacred Heart, aims at a whole-person education for girls aged 13 to 18.  As a member in a 147-school network located in the 5 continents, the school has committed to educate girls with faith, intellectual values, social awareness and action, community building skills and a growing mindset towards wise freedom, which are the 5 Goals for a Sacred Heart Education.
The current projects include:
* Innovative Education Paradigm and Approaches
* Leadership Development among students, teachers, and administration team for our Educational Mission
* Aesthetic and Modern Learning Environments
* Maintaining Physical and Spiritual Legacy of the Sacred Heart High School for Girls in Taiwan

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