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Celebrating 65 years of transforming Asia and inspiring the world


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Our Mission

RMAF promotes and celebrates greatness of spirit in Asia by recognizing ordinary individuals and organizations that perform extraordinary work in Asia. It supports RMAF Laureates and connects them to global resources, including next generation leaders. RMAF inspires and fosters dialogue.

The Need

In a world that often seems bleak, RMAF aims to be a source of inspiration and hope. Magsaysay Awardees' words and actions demonstrate the boundless potential of human endeavors, reminding us that a resolute determination to improve the world will always triumph over obstacles and hardships.

The Solution

A unique initiative by the foundation on the 65th anniversary of the Awards, a 7 volume book series has been created to celebrate and share the stories and wisdom of these remarkable individuals, with the aim of inspiring future generations.

Our Impact

As of 2022, there have been 344 recipients of the Magsaysay Award, across 22 countries in Asia. These individuals and organizations come from diverse fields. Their extraordinary vision, philosophy, and work have provided innovative solutions to the challenging problems faced by Asia.

In 2023, RMAF is celebrating the 65th year of the Ramon Magsaysay Awards with its main drive of transforming the Ramon Magsaysay Center into Asia’s Center for Inspiration and Hope. This will allow RMAF to continue honoring those who embody the greatness of spirit and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

Proceeds from the Greatness of Spirit Book Series will help RMAF achieve its fundraising goals:

  • To strengthen and create more awardee engagement programs to inspire the next generation of Asian leaders
  • To revamp the Laureate Library and Museum
  • To build a Social Development Innovation Hub
  • To modernize the Ramon Magsaysay Center

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