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Prospect Activity Update

The PROSPECT is a local and Non-government organization in Timor Leste which start in 2006 with the mission and vision and program are the following:

Mission: Stablish active community participation with democracy, to have a good life, sufficient food, and good health.

Vision: To reduce poverty, by means of partnership in the Government, other NGO national and local using the participatory approach

One of our activity PROSPEK nowadays is implementing Disaster preparedness in the selected communities in Timor Leste, with the partnership of Give2Asia and IIRR under the Disaster Preparedness Program (NGO-DPP)

One of their chosen areas was Municipality Lautem in Timor Leste.  Lautem includes the extending main center of Lospalos, Lospalos is home to the Fataluku people, and they speak Fataluku (a Papuan language).  They also are known for producing high-quality tais, wood carvings and woven basket ware Portuguese architectural influences and remnants of colonial fortifications can be seen. The 1,230sq/km eastern end of Lautem has been designated as part of the Nino Konis Santana National Park.  This includes rugged forested ranges, the large saltwater Lake Ira Lalaro, coastal beaches, and offshore reefs, plus exquisite Jaco Island.

A few weeks ago, we have conducted the orientation meeting for DRR preparation program to the community leaders and establishing the Community management Disaster Risk Reduction Committee. in our target location. The Municipality Administrator and the District level have strong support for the program. The Subdistrict administrator help us to explain the community the responsibility of every member of the community as well as the Local government on behalf of disaster preparedness.

The next plan of activity is to conduct capacity building on Community Manage Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) to community leaders and community volunteers in Muapitine Village.
Muapitine is a populated place and is located in East Timor. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 456 meters.

Submitted by: Justino Villanova – PROSPEK

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