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Fundraiser: Cambodian School Arts Project

Support a fundraiser to create an arts program in Siem Riep.

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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the High School of Music and Art Class of ‘69, the Cambodian School Project will create a music and art program for the Thlat elementary and junior high school, recently constructed in Siem Riep Province, one of Cambodia’s most well-known (Angkor Wat), yet poorest, provinces.

More than 300 children attend school here. The funds to build the school were raised by the Cambodian School Project and the project was implemented by the Life and Hope Association (LHA), a local organization run by Buddhist monks, and Give2Asia, a San Francisco-based non-profit specializing in grant administration in Asia.  The majority of the funds to build the school were bequest by one of Dr. Jonathan Raskin’s patients, Arlette Brisson, upon her passing.

Now we need to raise $15,000 to create an arts curriculum at the school. As we all know, this will be an educational experience these young students will carry with them the rest of their lives. Can you help?

It is possible to give tax-deductible gifts to the Cambodian School ARTS project on this page with credit card, or by sending a check made out to Give2Asia at 600 California Street, 11th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94508, with “Cambodian School ARTS Project” in the memo line.

High School of Music and Art Class of ’69 alumni who have donated to this project:

  • Dr. Jonathan Raskin
  • Harriet Black
  • Sherry Stern
  • Elissa Meehan
  • Lisa Bilander-Gray
  • Robin Holder
  • Steve Mencher
  • Linda Goodman
  • Janet Rogow
  • Rajat & Katharine Mukherji
  • Laurie Sandow
  • Miriam Alimonos
  • Donald Isler
  • Sean Daniel
  • Laurence Siegel
  • Kara Yeargans
  • Diane Schreiber
  • Suzanne Klewan
  • Valerie Donovan
  • Arlene Jacks
  • Gail Schneider
  • Debbie Zwiebach
  • Lotus Do
  • Michael B. Rubin
  • Heidi Rogers
  • Marla Lipkin
  • Laura Lillian Best
  • Ruth Obernbreit
  • Jan Opalach
  • Richard Harris
  • Alex Epstein
  • Tina Dunkley
  • Delorys Tyson

Donations also honor the memories of the following members of the class of 1969 High School of Music and Art:

Herndon Bivens – Donnie Bruscoe – Lisa Brooks – Just Craig – Elissa Eagan – Pablo Frank – Nancy Schultheiss Gasser – Jeff Gordon – Keith Herman – Gene Hicks – Tina Weil Jones – Anita Karakov – Harry Katz – Alexis Koriakov – Martin Laster – Jane Lewis – Lisa Mann – Susan Mc Kay – Joseph Merlino – Gilbert Mora – Nina Plotkin – Alan Roth – Rhona Saffer – Rick Steinberg – Steve Sternfeld – Rachel Sternstein – Alan Ira Sternstein – Donna Sturm – Rebecca Tachna – Lamont Thomas – Georgeanne Ventura – Gayle Wakefield – Viktor Weiss.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What will happen to the money if the full $15,000 is not raised?

A: LHA will still implement the project, just in a more modest way. No matter how much money is raised, the money will be used for the Thlat School through LHA.


Q: What if more than $15,000 is raised?

A: The likeliest use for extra money will be to purchase additional tablets for the students’ use, but as a poor school, the Thlat School has many needs that the funds could be used for. Or, the money could be used to extend the length of the program (see below).


Q: How long will the $15,000 last, and what happens at the end of the project?

A: The $15,000 is enough to buy the necessary materials and pay for the program for one year. Continuing the program beyond one year is estimated to cost $300 per month, and should this round of fundraising prove successful, the Cambodian School Project, LHA, and Give2Asia will solicit additional funds to continue the project. Also, if more than $15,000 is raised, that money might be used to extend the length of the project.


Q: What sort of follow-up is possible if I make a donation?

A: When the project is ultimately completed LHA will submit a final report that will include photographs. That report will be available to donors who wish to see it.


Q: Who is Give2Asia and why are they involved?

A: Give2Asia will oversee and administer the project and has a long history of managing grants such as this in Asia. Plus, as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, any donation made to the Cambodian School Project through Give2Asia is tax deductible in the United States.


Q: What is the budget for the project?

A: The budget is as follows:

  • Art materials – $1,895.00
  • Music and dance materials – $2,391.36
  • Other materials (tablets) – $2,750.00
  • Labor – $7,963.64
  • TOTAL: $15,000
See How Much Has Been Raised So Far and Donate to Support the Cambodia Arts School Project

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