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Direct support to front line medical workers and around 200 thousand families in India.

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaDisaster

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Help India Heal: Plan International COVID-19 Response in India

Outbreak of Coronavirus in India is worsening now. Daily confirmed cases exceed 300 thousand several days in a row. According to the government of India, there are around 1.95 COVID-19 related deaths every minute. Total confirmed cases are now more than 17.6 million with nearly 200 thousand death cases. Experts believe that India has not yet reached the peak of the crisis. Daily confirmed cases might hit 500 thousand in May. People in India need your urgent help now!

Healthcare system in India is on the verge of collapse due to uncontrollable pandemic. Hospitals cannot afford to accept new patients so people have no choice but to be treated at home. However, due to lack of supply, the prices of medical equipment, including oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators and medicine, are unaffordable even in black market.

“The pandemic has caused many deaths in India. Worsening economic condition also leads to a raising number of unemployment. Families have exhausted their savings during the five-month lockdown across the country. Due to collapse of healthcare system, children and women are not only facing food insecurity but also the threat of getting infected. Their safety is at great risk and the situation is heart-breaking and worrying. Please offer your immediate helping hand and join us to save more lives by supporting our emergency relief work!” Dr Kanie Siu, CEO of Plan International Hong Kong, said.

To help ease the crisis in coming three months, Plan International will carry out the “Help India Heal” project to provide direct support to front line medical workers and around 200 thousand families which are being affected by the pandemic. Additionally, the project will also provide intervention on COVID-19 prevention, vaccination and food security for a million of poor and vulnerable families, especially girls and young women. Details of the project are as follows:

  • Provide personal protective equipment kit comprising of body overall, shoe covers, N-95 masks and gloves for medical workers.
  • Deliver mass awareness campaign on promoting COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and eliminating vaccine hesitancy among adolescents and young women.
  • Provide oxygen concentrator, which is under 10 or 20 litres flow per minute, to local COVID-19 Care and Treatment Centres.
  • Provide hygiene kits to COVID-19 patients/attendants admitted in five government COVID-19 health care centers
  • Support to set up and manage patient beds in Temporary COVID-19 Care Centres
  • Distribute food baskets, which include rice, wheat flour, pea, oil, salt, sugar, biscuits and soya bean, to impoverished and vulnerable families to ensure their food and nutrition security
  • Provide cash transfer to families to strengthen livelihoods, to meet immediate nutritional needs and overall development of the families.
  • Provide extending scholarship support to school going children for continuation of their education.

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LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR
Issue AreaDisaster

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