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Paris Brain Institute

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Our Mission

Neurological and psychiatric disorders are the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death worldwide. Paris Brain Institute, a key player in neuroscience research, is set on accelerating what we know about the brain and revolutionizing the way we treat brain-related diseases.

The Need

The goal? Raise 125 million dollars by 2023 to fuel the next wave of discoveries and innovations and help close to one billion patients worldwide!

The Solution

Paris Brain Institute brings under one roof scientific talents from around the world, no matter their field of expertise, to study the human body's most complex organ: the brain. It promotes cross-disciplinary research by providing scientists with the means to conduct audacious research projects.

Our Impact

In 10 years, Paris Brain Institute became one of the leading research centers in the world. Remarkable results already led to the development of new treatments: neuroscience is on the verge of major advances.

The Context

Neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death worldwide.

Intellectual developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, dementia, cerebrovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, traumatic injury… Brain health conditions can emerge throughout life.

Today, nearly one billion people in the world suffer from neurological or psychiatric diseases, 80% of whom do not receive appropriate or sufficient treatment. A number soon to be outdated considering the dramatical increase in the pace of population ageing around the world.

Yet the knowledge of the brain and the nervous system remains very limited, and for years the industry has faced ever-increasing failure rates in the development of innovative drugs.

The Vision

To tackle this emergency head on, a group of visionary international clinicians, scientists and philanthropists decided to create a top-level research center: Paris Brain Institute.

Its goal: understand the mechanisms of the brain and its pathologies and prevent and cure neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Though, Paris Brain Institute is no typical research center. It was designed, right from the start, to get the most out of an immensely diverse scientific community following 6 fundamental rules:

1/ Focus on the brain, only the brain but all aspects of the brain (from cellular and molecular neurobiology, integrative neurophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, clinical and translational neuroscience, computational neuroscience…)

2/ Bring outstanding scientific talents from around the world – researchers, physicians, engineers –under one roof and give them access to the latest neuroimaging and data science technology

3/ Encourage cross-disciplinary interactions and projects between biology, genetics, cognitive science, medicine, imaging, mathematics, IT, and more, by providing scientists with the financial means to let their creativity unfold and think out of the box

4/ Work hand in hand with clinicians from the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, the largest medical center for nervous system diseases in Europe and #2 for Neurology in Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals 2021 ranking, to bring treatments and innovations to patients faster

5/ Plan for success by joining forces with start-ups in the fields of digital, medical technologies and drug development hosted within Paris Brain Insitute’s innovation accelerator

6/ Share knowledge with the next generation of neuroscientists and clinician scientists through international and interdisciplinary programs, with our donors through conferences and lab tours and with society

Track Record

Ten years later, Paris Brain Institute is one of the leading research centers in the world.

Its unique approach has proved successful: Paris Brain Institute ranks 2nd among 35 international institutes in the field of neurology research and received word-class awards including the Allen Distinguished Investigator and New York Stem Cell Foundation Robertson Investigator Award.

It also developed collaborations with prestigious academic partners around the globe.

From fundamental discoveries to clinical studies, Paris Brain Institute achieved within ten years significant milestones towards therapeutic solutions for patients with neurological or psychiatric diseases and disorders.

Tomorrow With You

The challenges of brain diseases and their increasing cost for patients, their families and society in general call for a new impulse. Neuroscience is on the verge of major advances.

With the help of donors, Paris Brain Institute will play a key role in shaping the future of neuroscience.

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Issue AreaHealth

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