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Network for Human and Social Development


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Network for Human and Social Development

Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) is a registered NGO with Social Welfare Department ICT, Islamabad and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP), working in the fields of Education, Health and Disaster Management since 2005.

Creation of a New School Building for 300 deserving children the Kaus-E-Kazah School

NHSD requests for your support for the creation of a new school building for the free education school Kaus-e-Kazah. At the school, they will provide free tuition, shoes, uniforms, books, notepads and even transportation.

The current accommodation is in a rented property with a capacity of 250 only, yet they manage 300 children. NHSD need the extra space to support their enrolled children and the over 650 students which are on the waiting list. The reason for this is the Kaus-e-Kazah School provides free of cost education to children and their school is surrounded by less privileged areas that houses a lot of out of school children. They are mostly the offspring of guards, house maids & laborers. They live in small houses and with their household income their families cannot afford their children’s education. If these children would not be enrolled in our school, they would be out on the street either selling items or enduring (child) labor-based actives. Your donations would go a long way in saving these children and giving them a future.

Success Story From Garbage Collector to School

Salman Sayyed is the son of a garbage collector. Since he was 7, he used to help his dad pick up garbage from the city so they can sell it and earn a living. Salman used to watch children go to school and he desperately wanted to attend as well. One day, while picking up garbage he chanced by the Kaus-e-Kazah school (project of NHSD) area. The school teacher Mehvish saw the boy and inquired about him. After hearing his story, she took him to the school principle Madam Alia. After coming to a conclusion that the child needs education for his future, all three of them went to Salman’s house to convince his parents to let him attend Kaus-e-Kazah school. After much deliberation, his father agreed and let his son go to school. Salman has been smiling at school since that day.

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