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Network for Human and Social Development


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Join us in the fight for COVID-19

NHSD is registered with Social Welfare Department Govt of Punjab Pakistan. Working in the field of education, health and disaster management with 40 National and International organizations including USAID, UNFPA, Malteser and Merlin International.

Response to COVID-19

NHSD is educating the children of daily wagers free of cost of Rawalpindi’s largest slums surrounding Ghareebabad for the past 17 years. The communities are stricken by poverty and deprivation. Hundreds of daily wagers are unable to feed their families following the lockdown due to corona virus response. NHSD is distributing rations and PPE as part of our relief efforts during the lockdown.

Mithrio Charan is a remote desert area in Tharparkar Sindh, Pakistan. It has a predominantly Hindu community who are extremely poor and struggling to survive. Mana bibi (in photo) is a great grand mother whose son is a laborer. She has struggled all her life with poverty and hunger. During the existing lockdown even her sons are unemployed. She is wondering how they will save their children from starvation. NHSD has supplied them and thousands of families at National level with food rations and PPE.

Please donate generously to help thousands such families to light their stoves again.

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