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The NGO Disaster Preparedness Program

This article refers to Give2Asia’s grant-funded NGO Disaster Preparedness Program (NGODPP), which concluded in 2021. To learn more about Give2Asia’s current disaster response programs, visit our Disaster Relief Grants and Services page or explore our DisasterLink Network.

Give2Asia believes that smart, contextual, community-based interventions performed by local partners are the most effective way to prepare for disasters, mitigate their damage and ultimately save lives.

From 2014-2021, Give2Asia implemented our NGO Disaster Preparedness Program in eight Asian countries that are highly vulnerable to disasters. The program focused on funding innovative programming at the community level, strengthening networks and capacities of local organizations, and educating donors on the importance of funding preparedness activities. Today, this work continues through Give2Asia’s DisasterLink Network.

The Overlooked Potential of Disaster Risk Programming

Community of Practice

Our community of practice includes over 100 community-based disaster response organizations across Asia. This community of practice is a place to connect local organizations who are working in disaster preparedness and climate resilience work to learn about efforts within and across countries in Asia, with the ultimate goal of creating more disaster resilient communities. Members share resources on various disaster risk reduction themes, engage in discussion through online forums, and participate in webinars.

Innovative Grantmaking

A key component of NGPDPP was providing an opportunity for local organizations to create innovative solutions to disaster risk reduction. These grants prioritized scale and sustainability, local government engagement, and institutional strengthening so that programming is holistic and supporting the growth of a robust civil society sector across the region.

From the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh, to islands off the coast of the Philippines, our local partners continue helping communities prepare for disasters. Learn about their impact in the videos below.


Shontoug Foundation: Learning Farms


AOSED: Tech for Fishing Communities


BEDS: Disaster Education


GDFI: Livelihoods Strengthening

Knowledge Generation

Donor education was another focus of the NGODPP program. Give2Asia’s wide network of corporate, individual, and family foundation donors serves as an important audience for key messaging around disaster preparedness. Most private philanthropy around disasters is given in reaction to disaster events even though there is a seven-fold ROI in funding preparedness and risk-reduction activities. Give2Asia advocates for more responsible disaster giving—both for immediate relief and for long-term recovery efforts.

To learn more about Give2Asia’s current disaster response programs, visit our Disaster Relief Grants and Services page or explore our DisasterLink Network.

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