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Nepal Flood Relief 2022

Support local relief efforts in response to the flooding and landslides in Nepal.


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This campaign is now closed. Please consider donating to the DisasterLink Response Fund to support our local partners in responding to disasters immediately.


Nepal is a mountainous country, and various river systems originate in the Himalayas and flow down to the Bay of Bengal/Indian Ocean through India. Currently, it is the middle of the monsoon season in Nepal. The country has been experiencing severe floods since mid-2022 due to heavy rainfall during this season. The overflow of the Koshi river in eastern Nepal displaced 20,000 people in over 1000 households in August. On September 12, more floods and landslides occurred in Darchula district, killing five, and ten reported missing. Mahakali Municipality and Naugad Rural Municipality have also been inundated by flash floods and landslides, displacing many settlements, causing injury and demise of locals. On 16th and 17th September, Kamalbazaar Municipality, Turmakhand and Dhakari rural Municipalities of Achham district were also hit by massive landslides. According to District Police Office in Achham, 22 people died, 11 people were injured and several houses were inundated by landslides.

Nepal still anticipates massive rainfall this year. Relief efforts, onsite monitoring and disaster management are initiated by the Government of Nepal, with a committee established under the Municipal Disaster Risk Management, while Nepal Red Cross Society distributes initial relief materials. Give2Asia is raising funds to support vulnerable populations in Nepal greatly affected by flood and landslides disaster in the eastern and western parts of the Country, especially during this time of extreme uncertainty. 


Current needs identified by our partners include basic food staples, nutritional supplements for children, clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation kits, medicines, blankets, tarpaulins, and emergency shelters. Longer-term needs include education support kits, psychosocial and healthcare support, livelihood, rebuilding, and disaster mitigation activities. 



Give2Asia’s DisasterLink Network members in Nepal support the communities by providing relief and recovery work, including increasing communities’ capacities to prepare for disaster. 


Group of Technical Assistance (GTA) 

After immediate communication with Red Cross Society Nepal, Group for Technical Assistance (GTA), the Disaster Management team has decided to support the 65 families severely affected by flood/landslides. It will be distributed through Municipal Disaster Risk Management Committee. The Partner plans to provide the basic life-saving relief materials by analyzing the current relief materials. The temporary shelter support will save the lives of children, the elderly, and other family members.  

Human Development Center (HDC) Nepal 

HDC Nepal focuses on supporting flood and landslides-affected communities in Belaka Municipality, Udayapur District, Nepal. The Partner plans to provide immediate relief to approximately 400 families. The partner is also aiming to support the medium and long-term recovery projects: 

  • Renovation or reconstruction of houses for the affected families. 
  • Livelihood support program (Skill training for livelihood). 
  • Rehabilitation of flood-affected areas- land, public spaces, etc. in their same/own houses.  
  • Gabion wires/wall and the construction of check dams and plantation on the dykes/riverside.  
  • WASH, environment protection, and public health campaigns.  
  • Awareness sessions on the impact of flood and prevention.   
  • Educational material (supplies) for students.  


How You Can Help

Individual donors can support relief efforts by clicking the donate buttons above. For large gifts or corporate giving opportunities, please contact our international giving team.

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